Fan girl may face sexual harassment charges, jail for hugging a singer at concert

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A Saudi woman has been arrested for hugging a male singer in a concert. Singer Majid Mohandis was performing in a concert when a woman ran onto the stage and hugged him. The incident was reported on Saturday night in the city of Taif.

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A video circulating on social media shows the woman running towards the stage and hugging Majid Mohandis as security officials pull her away.




The love songs of pop singer Mohandis are very popular in the Gulf. As per the media reports, the woman may face charges under the new law of sexual harassment. The unidentified girl clad in Abaya and face veil may face two-year imprisonment and could be fined up to 100,000 Saudi riyals ($26,667.50).

The Saudi officials have reported that the woman’s friends had dared her to hug the singer. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strict behavioral codes for both men and women. Mix gatherings for men and women are generally forbidden in the society. Women can be in public with their families only. The alleged woman has, however, violated the moral codes under Saudi law and is expected to be charged under the harassment laws.

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The police have arrested the woman and referred her to the public prosecution where she will be charged according to the laws.

“The suspect is held at the Al-Taif Foundation for Women’s Care pending investigation,” the Makkah police official spokesman said. The singer continued to perform after the incident. Majid Mohandis has abstained from commenting on the incident.

Saudi Arabia has revised its sexual harassment laws since it lifted the longstanding ban on women’s driving. The new laws are formalized to protect the women behind the wheels.

The ultra-conservative Kingdom gives limited emancipation to women. They have been recently allowed to drive, attend events and concerts under the ambitious plan of ‘Vision 2030′ geared by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.