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Monday, September 18, 2023

Fans call to boycott Money Heist as actors praise Israel

Fans demand that Money Heist should be boycotted as actors of the show praise Israel. One of the actors even said that he had heard only wonderful things about Israel.

Fans call to boycott the famous Spanish series, Money Heist, as actors were spotting praising Israel. Actors have appeared for an interview at Israel’s Channel 12 to speak about the last and fifth seasons of the show.

When asked about Israel, Darko Peric who plays the role of Helsinki, said that “It was a marvelous experience and I hope to come back again. I know that there are a lot of fans here, and the people here are great. When people travel to Israel, they always talk about strict security and police measures, but when I arrived here even the police wanted to take pictures with me. It was great!”

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Hovik Keuchkerian, who essays Bogota, said that he would love to visit Israel. Adding that, he has heard only “wonderful things” about Israel. He also praised the series Fauda, in which commandos disguised as Arabs carry out the operation in occupied Palestine.

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The show had been heavily criticized for exploiting the suffering of Palestinians.

Activists, humanists, and fans took to social media calling for the boycott of the series. “While millions of Money Heist fans wait for the fifth season, performers from the successful show appeared on an Israeli channel, expressing their support for the Israeli occupation and celebrating its criminal activities against Palestinian(s),” one Twitter user wrote.

Raising awareness

Users believe negative comments regarding the show will help raise awareness about the Palestinian cause. “Reducing the rating of the series will not liberate Palestine, but it will affect production and affect viewers and advertisement in the event that the campaign becomes global,” suggested one Twitter user.

Comments like “The cast should stop showing their love for an apartheid state that kills Palestinians, destroy their homes and steal[s] their land,” were posted on IMDb. Another review accused the show of “claim[ing] to support the oppressed and downtrodden yet they openly support the Zionist occupation of the Palestinians.”

Twitter and Instagram are brimmed with comments with netizens urging fans to boycott the series.