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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fareed Zakaria rips apart Donald Trump’s travel ban

CNN’s political analyst and anchorperson, Fareed Zakaria, analyzed the decisions of President Trump banning entry from seven Muslim countries. With the help of data analyzed by CNN research team, he shows that no American has ever been killed by any immigrant from any of these seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

What does data show?

In stark contrast, data shows more than 2000 Americans lost their lives as a result of terrorist activities done by militants originating from Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Fareed Zakaria questions, how come US presidential order bans entry from countries whose citizens have not harmed the Americans but on the contrary, doesn’t ban entry from countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE. This is precisely the point which has been raised by US circuit judges in examining the logic of presidential order.

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Trumps order has been challenged by courts

The State of Washington, through its attorney general, Robert Ferguson, has broadly challenged the presidential order describing it injurious to the interests of students, academics, business interests and family relations.

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Major businesses based in the state of Washington like Amazon and Expedia supported the attorney general in challenging the presidential order. Three other states- Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia-  have also challenged the presidential order banning immigrants and travelers. The Other States are also considering joining these petitions.

A US Appeals Court denied relief to Justice department on Saturday. Justice department had argued that President of the United States feels in his judgment that the citizens entering from these seven countries constitute a threat to the lives of Americans and this constitutes a national security issue. However, the Court wants the government to show evidence to substantiate its claim.

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The Government of United States will come back to US Appeals Court Monday morning with fresh arguments to offset the stay granted by the circuit court.