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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Faryal Makhdoom claims to receive death threats for posting on Gaza

Despite these threats, Makhdoom remains resolute in her commitment to sharing what she believes is the truth.

Faryal Makhdoom, model and the wife of former British boxer Amir Khan, recently disclosed that she received threats for supporting Gaza. She shared a screenshot of a threatening WhatsApp message from an anonymous Israeli caller ID. The message offered her a choice: to support Israel and stop posting about Palestine in exchange for rewards or face severe consequences if she continued advocating for Palestine.

She’s one of many public figures using their platforms to raise awareness about what they see as Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank, particularly in the aftermath of escalating tensions following a Hamas attack on Southern Israel on October 7.

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Makhdoom has been actively using her Instagram account to share pro-Palestine content and criticize the Israeli government’s extended occupation of Palestinian territories. Additionally, she has called out fellow celebrities for not taking a stance against what she views as worsening atrocities in Gaza.

Reactions from Makhdoom’s followers vary, with some expressing concern and others applauding her continued support for Palestinians. There has also been backlash from individuals who support Israel, some of whom have raised allegations against Hamas. Makhdoom countered these allegations, noting that they were unverified and had been retracted by credible news outlets. Faryal Makhdoom also characterized Hamas as a resistance group that emerged in response to dire conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip.

It’s worth noting that Makhdoom is not the only public figure to face such threats. Previously, models Gigi and Bella Hadid reported receiving threats for their criticism of Israel, leading their family to change their mobile numbers.

A lot of Muslim celebrities including beauty Mogul Huda Kattan and model Bella Hadid are raising voices for the people of Gaza. Pakistani actors are also on social media raising voice for the victims of the Israeli bombing in Gaza.