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Friday, May 17, 2024

Faryal Makhdoom spends Valentine’s Day away from Amir Khan

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Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of boxer Amir Khan, hinted that she will be spending her Valentine’s Day alone just days after her husband Amir Khan was accused of pestering a model to visit him in San Francisco while his wife was not around. 

Faryal Makhdoom in her social media wrote she will be buying herself chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

“Btw How corny is Valentine’s Day … Who’s going to be sitting at home? Eating chocolates they bought themselves?” Faryal asked her followers.

The couple left for America on January 29th, 2018, with Amir destined for a training camp in San Francisco and Faryal for New York.

Meanwhile, model Dasha Abdelgany, 27, claimed Amir Khan begged her to visit him in San Francisco before Faryal arrives.

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Dasha also mentioned that the boxer told her how he drooled over the sound of her voice on a phone call.

Dasha told The Mirror Online ‘He wanted me to fly to see him before his wife arrived. He said he was only gonna be alone for a week and I needed to get there asap. That call him got me quite upset and I ended up blocking his numbers.”

Earlier Amir Khan denied cheating and said, ‘I think it’s unfair these girls message me first, they turn up wherever you are.”

“Nowadays you can see where you are so I must have tweeted that I was in a hotel with a friend having some drinks in a bar and the girl comes up there, they set you up and take a picture.”

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“I’m a kind guy. I’m not a guy who would say to someone, ‘Go away and leave me alone’, but would sit there and have someone sat there taking pictures with you.’

Amir Khan claims his wife will stand by him through ‘thick’ and ‘thin’. The couple got back together on New Years after a brief separation last year.