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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Fast Ways to Improve Essay Writing Skills

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It will take years to improve your writing skills significantly because as with any skills you need hours and hours to reach perfection. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that you need 10 000 hours of training to play/write/create/fight like a genius. He may be right, but we are not talking about the level of Stephen King here, we talk about making your writing skills better enough for your mundane writing tasks. The faster and the easier you will be able to deal with your writing assignments, the more time you will have for other tasks, and more successful your education will be. For sure, checking some professional insights on specific essay types like those provided on https://essaypro.com/blog/cause-and-effect-essay cause-and-effect-essay may help. After all, you have already noticed that writing assignments are fundamental for Western education, haven’t you?

Use freewriting to boost creativity

Freewriting is a vacuum cleaner for your thoughts. When you use freewriting, your brain gives away all small pieces of “technical garbage” and structures the mess to give way to creativity and fresh ideas. Just writing about anything you can think of in a flow for 15-20 minutes without distraction. You can write about how you actually hate such stupid exercises and complain about your life, you can write about your previous week and plans for the next one or the movie you like to watch before sleeping. 

Ignore writer’s block — forget about inspiration

Inspiration is overrated, and writer’s block is overpromoted. Well, sorry for a small reminder, but you are not J. K. Rowling, you don’t need to create a whole world in letters for millions of readers (at least for now!). You have to write an essay, or a research paper, or even a blog, and calling a simple procrastination, a writer’s block is an overstatement. Just start writing your thought about the assignment, remember (in writing) all you know about the topic, and soon your brain will catch the needed wave. If writing is still stressful for you and it takes a lot of time to put some words together, then you can count on reliable write my paper service like WritingAPaper.net to get your completely plagiarism free writing without any struggle.

Treat academic writing as your job

Being a student, you normally have only one job — to study. And if you do it well, it means you study well. Writing is the fundamental part of your academic job description, and you should do it right and without giving up. Like in any job, you can use a variety of means to increase effectiveness. For example, you can use a citation generator to deal with formatting faster and with fewer mistakes. Or you can delegate some of your routine papers to a fast essay service e.g. CheapWritingHelp to get it written for you cheap, and switch your attention to more demanding assignments.

Read as much as you write, or more

Reading shows you the worlds and the depths you would never reach otherwise. Unfortunately, such statements, though true, rarely impress students. We will try from another corner. Reading gives you extra material to save time on research later. Reading helps you to write more grammatically correct and supplies you with ideas you can use in any essay. 

Start writing a blog and do it systematically

It is not obligatory to train to write only essays if you want to improve your essay writing skills. Of course, academic writing has its special traits, but you need to strengthen your writing skills in general. Start writing a blog covering a topic that is the most interesting for you, and have a system not to quit. Even one interesting, well-thought-out blog post for the week is enough. 

Take your chronotype into account

According to the recent findings of somnologist Michael Breus there are four chronotypes — a Bear, a Wolf, a Dolphin, and a Lion. They hunt, eat, learn something new, and rest in different periods of time. Find out what your chronotype is and plan your writing and editing activities accordingly. You may be truly surprised how accurate the recommendations are and how helpful it is to follow them.

Follow famous writers in social media

Reading their books is one thing, but reading them is social media is another. Most of the celebrity blogs are not written by them, but some posts are, and also, the general tone of voice is preserved. Reading about writing routines of real authors is useful to see that everyone who needs to write something, be it an essay or a novel, faces similar problems. 

Make lots of notes when reading

No matter what you are reading — a novel, social media posts, magazine, etc., make notes which can later be helpful for your essay writing. Once you don’t know what to write about or need a fresh plot twist, you can look through your notes and make your imagination work harder.


This list looks like another list of things you will not do, right? That is why we don’t offer you to do everything from it or even half. Choose three points which you find the most relevant, suitable, and interesting, and implement them in your daily life during the next month. If you see some improvements (and you will!), just add some more. You can bookmark this page to check on it a month later for more tips.