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Saturday, May 18, 2024

PTI leaders swing into action to obtain opposition approval for crucial FATF-related bill

Speaker of National Assembly and Senate Chairman discuss plans for joint sitting of the two houses of parliament as they push for greater cooperation regarding approval of FATF related bills.

Speaker National Assembly (NA) Asad Qaisar has met chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani in Parliament House and the two exchanged views on the matters related to joint sitting of the two houses of parliament including the approval of the FATF related bill.

They also discussed during their meeting on Tuesday upcoming elections of Intra Parliamentary Union (IPU). Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani is candidate for the post of president of IPU. They exchanged views on shifting this key post to Pakistan through joint efforts.

Greater cooperation on bill is in the national interest

Sources said speaker NA and chairman Senate urged the opposition to extend cooperation in the important legislation related to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and support government in the approval of FATF related bill in the joint sitting of parliament as this bill is in the national interest. Opposition had earlier cooperated with government on this bill in NA and cooperation from their side is needed now as well.

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They agreed on making contacts with opposition leaders in connection with approval of this bill in the joint session of both the houses of parliament. They urged the ministers to avoid giving statements against opposition so that this process of legislation could be accomplished.

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In his informal talks with media after meeting speaker NA Asad Qaisar said consultations have been made and strategy has been evolved in connection with IPU election during the meeting because success in these elections will elevate the standing of Pakistan in the comity of nations and more improvement will come in parliamentary diplomacy. He said the NA session is likely to be summoned on Thursday. The joint session of both the houses of parliament is likely to be convened soon.

PM Imran: Opposition blackmailing government on FATF-related legislation

Opposition parties in Pakistan were previously blackmailing the government over the proposed amendments to anti-terror and anti-money laundering laws tabled by the ruling party in parliament as part of an effort to get the country out of the ‘grey list’ of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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PM Imran further maintained that the troubles of Pakistan at the FATF were a direct result of Indian interference at the body. “The FATF pressure on Pakistan to tighten laws is part of an effort by India to cripple the Pakistani economy,” he said. “If Pakistan is pushed into the FATF blacklist, there would be serious economic consequences. The dollar would skyrocket and it would be difficult to import or export things to and from Pakistan.”