Father of Zahir Jaffer, therapy workers complicit in Noor Mukadam murder: Police

As per the interim sheet submitted in the court on 9th September, Zakir assured his son Zahir of sending help following her murder. Moreover, they tried to conceal and remove the pieces of evidence from the crime scene.

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Police have claimed to have found Zakir Jaffer, father of Zahir Jaffer, as complicit in the Noor Mukadam murder case. According to the Police, Zakir Jaffer knew of the brutal act and had assured him that he is sending men to help dispose of the dead body of Noor Mukadam.

As per the interim sheet submitted in the court on 9th September, Zakir assured his son Zahir of sending help following her murder.  He “need not panic as he was sending men to dispose of the body and get him out of there”, read the statement of the Police in the interim report.

The interim charge sheet represented says that evidence has been gathered that Noor Mukadam was subjected to sexual assault before the murder, as shown by the DNA report.


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Zahir had locked up Noor in the room and hid her phone in the other room. He had asked his watchman to bar anyone from entering the home. According to Police, Zahir’s father could have informed the Police in time and her life could have been saved. Instead, he assured him that there was no need for panic and his men would take care of the body.

An employee of Therapy Works also tried to cover the case as the injured employee lied to the Police that he was injured in the road accident.

The report further claims that she tried to escape twice from the detention by Zahir Jaffer. But the gardener and security guards did not let her escape.

Zahir attacks Therapy Work’s employees

According to the report, Noor had come to Jaffer’s house on 18th July. The accused said that Noor had refused to marry her and then the alleged killer locked her up in the room. The challan referred to the statement of Zahir Jaffer in which he had confessed to killing her.

She got furious over the detention and warned Zahir of the consequences. She said that she had warned him of complaining to the Police.

Reports claim that before beheading her, Zahir had contacted his parents four times.  Later, Jaffer called people from Therapy Work but in confusion, Zahir attacked one of their employees.

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The report found parents and therapy workers complicit in the crime. They tried to conceal and remove the pieces of evidence of the crime.

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