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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Fawad Chaudhry calls out foreign media for publishing fake news against Pakistan

Fawad Chaudhry blames foreign media like Washington Post for publishing fake news against Pakistan in order to hamper the image of the country.

While talking to PTV News, Fawad Chaudhry spoke about the bias that exists in foreign media against Pakistan. When asked about the freedom of expression in Pakistan, Fawad blamed that the foreign media is working against Pakistan for such accusations.

He said that the Indian-sponsored Anti-Pakistan campaign was discovered by the government where approximately 825 fake websites were working on publishing and spreading false information against Pakistan.

Similarly, he also pointed out that recently Washington Post published three articles by senior journalist Hamid Mir.

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One of his articles was based on the missing persons, on which the Human Rights Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari wrote a reply to Washington Post. However, her article never got published.

The government wrote to Washington Post with concerns over the content of the article, however, they did not even bother to publish the rejoinder letter.

EU DisInfoLabs

In December 2020, investigative research by EU DisInfoLab emerged that proved India has been working against Pakistan for the last 15 years with the use of fake websites and news outlets.

Over 750 Indian websites spread across 119 countries have been operating with the backing of Srivastava Group since 2005.

The main agenda of this network was to discredit countries in conflict with India especially Pakistan and China.

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The investigation showed that fake news was created in Brussels, Geneva and across the world, repackaged and disseminated via Asian News International (ANI) and obscure local media networks to at least 97 countries leading to a multiplication in the online negative content about countries in conflict with India.

An entire network of coordinated UN-accredited NGOs that serve Indian interests and defame Pakistan “repeatedly” was found. At least 10 of these fake NGOs were linked directly to the Srivastava family, with several other dubious NGOs pushing the same messages.