Fayaz-ul-Hassan Gaurav Arya

Punjab Information Minister, Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, has invited Indian Major Retd. Gaurav Arya, for a debate on Pakistani TV channels in a tweet on Saturday.

Chohan, extended the invitation to Arya while commenting on the latter’s tweet. Arya had shared a short clip of Chohan in which he was talking about the Indian channels who mute his mic when he is invited as an analyst on talk shows. Chohan’s asserted that he declined the request of India’s firebrand news channel, Republic TV, who wanted his statements on the anti-army remarks of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader, Ayaz Sadiq, in National Assembly last week.


Chohan in the video had said that he turned down the invitation because the Indian agencies, media, and government do not dare to listen. He added that he put two conditions before the channel for appearing in the show- his mic would not be mute and there would be no other panelists on the show, except for Maj Retd. Gaurav Arya. The minister said that he slammed the channel and said that Indian media and army are cowards.

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In his tweet, Arya said he accepted the challenge and invited him for an open debate on any Indian news channel.

“Pakistan Minister Fayaz ul Hasan Chohan challenges me to an open debate. Chohan sahab, challenge accepted. Someone from @republic will get in touch with you shortly. Don’t back out. Just you and me. Let’s see what you are made of. Your skin will make good shoes,” Arya wrote while commenting on Chohan’s video.

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In return, Chohan also accepted the challenge but invited Arya to any Pakistani channel. He assured Arya that Pakistani channels would not mute hic mic.  “Major Sb your media channels especially Republic tv have not the courage to listen to me. I have several time experience that your Republic tv mute my mike. So you come on any Pakistani channel and it’s my commitment your mike will not be mute. Bcz Pak media and nation are not cowards,” said Chohan.

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