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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Fearless Muslim woman rides 1400 kms to rescue son stuck in lockdown

Mainstream and social media has praised the courage of the fearless Razia Begum and the power of motherhood that made her ride the scooter for nearly 1400 km.

A Muslim woman in India rode scooter for 1400 Km to bring back home her son stranded in Andhra Pradesh. The 48-year-old woman, Razia Begum, a school headmistress, decided to bring her son back home when she heard his desperate calls stuck in neighboring Andhra Pradesh in the countrywide lockdown.

Muslim woman stopped her elder son to fetch her younger son fearing that police might detain him for mistaking him a joyrider. Hence, she set off on a scooter herself on an arduous journey. She began her journey on Monday and returned with her son on Wednesday.


“It was a difficult journey on a small two-wheeler for a woman. But the determination to bring my son back overtook all my fears. I packed rotis and they kept me going. It was fearsome in the nights with no traffic movement and no people on roads,” Razia Begum said to an Indian news agency.

Razia Begum had lost her husband fifteen years ago and lives with her two sons. The elder son is an engineering graduate and the younger son aspires to be a doctor.

She said she first decided to drive the car but later on chose her two-wheeler scooter.

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Indian media widely reported her brave actions. Social media users in Indian praised the courage of the fearless Razia Begum and the power of motherhood that made her rode the scooter for nearly 1400 km to bring her son back home safely amid coronavirus lockdown.

Others added that Razia Begum has set an example of women empowerment for several women.

Meanwhile, a huddle of religious extremists and bigot slammed the Muslim woman for violating the breakdown when people need to remain home to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country. The hatemongers continued to spew vile comments against and vilified the Muslim community for misusing the rights.