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Monday, September 25, 2023

Features for the upcoming iPhone 13

As iPhone 13 launch is just over a month away, let us look at the roundup of the rumored product upgrades that the company will be bringing in its new lineup. There are some downgrades expected too.

A popular Youtuber and tech enthusiast, “GregsGadgets” uploaded a video explaining what one can expect in the new iPhone 13, launching in “almost over a month”.

Greggs expects Apple to launch four different models of iPhone as part of their new lineup, as they did last year. These will be iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro (regular 6.1-inch display), and iPhone 13 Promax (6.7-inch display).


It’s still unclear whether this year’s iPhone will be the iPhone 12s or the iPhone 13, as Apple is able to keep marketing names under wraps until the last minute. That being said, one recent supply chain report suggested that the 2021 iPhones will indeed be called the iPhone 13, 9to5mac reported.

In terms of new features, the rumors certainly suggest that this year’s iPhone will be a bigger upgrade than an “S” year, lending credence to the “iPhone 13” theory for this year’s naming.


The expected difference between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will be that the regular one will be made of aluminum and glass with the back glass having a glossy finish, while the iPhone 13 pro will have a more premium finish with stainless steel instead of aluminum, and the black glass will have a matte finish.

Greggs added that some more colors might be expected, with the regular iPhone 13 getting a whole different number of shades of colors.

The pro on the other hand might be getting a deeper black and a new bronze orange-like color, he said.


The cameras are also expected to be different from the regular iPhone coming with two cameras, a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle camera, also, the camera placement is also expected to be diagonal rather than vertical.

Cameras on iPhone 13 expected
Source: Greggsgadgets

On the other hand, the pro version will continue with its current three lenses arrangement. Greggs said that this year, the camera module on the pro might be similar to the pro max, meaning features like the 2.5x zoom, wide lens with sensor-shift stabilization, as well as a bigger overall sensor for improved low-light photography.

The rumors circulating suggest that both the pro models might also feature upgraded ultra-wide-angle cameras with f 1.8 aperture and autofocus. A six-element lens is also expected as opposed to a five-element one.

The new a15 chip may improve the astrophotography feature and the overall computational photography for the upcoming Apple devices.

According to Everything Apple Pro on YouTube, relaying rumored details from leaker Max Weinbach, the iPhone 13 will get a new video portrait mode.

This makes close-ups of the players look that much more immersive.

It must be mentioned that Android phones such as the OnePlus 9 Pro, have offered portrait mode video, but its introduction on the new iPhone should have a much bigger impact.

According to rumors, the notch size will be smaller and will be moved upward into the phone’s frame with the sensors that are required for face id.


On the display side, Apple is going to supposedly be using LTPO panels from Samsung. This would provide the users with a much-demanded 120Hz display, and will double the screen refresh rate. It will also allow the company to lower the refresh rate down to 1 Hz, like the Always-on display on watches.

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However, the question remains if these features would be exclusive or be available across the lineup, and Gregg believes that LTPO will be offered as an exclusive feature, and the regular models will come with 60 Hz.


One of the biggest changes remains to be seen in the battery front. Apple according to Greggs will be upgrading the lineup with bigger batteries. However, the biggest change will be seen in the mini, where most of the battery complaints lie.

Of course, the rest will be benefitting from this update too.

A15 chip

Another noteworthy change in the upcoming models of the iPhone 13 would be in the form of a high-performing, very efficient A15 chip.

iPhone 13 A15 chip
Source: 9to5mac

According to the tech enthusiast, it will increase performance up to 15-20 percent, but it will be powering updated new features like computational photography and increase AI-supported features.

What not to expect

According to the author of Apple blog Power On Mark Gurman, touch id will not be returning in the iPhone 13 in any form.

The much-awaited USB-C port mustn’t be on anyone’s wish list when walking up to the Apple Stores this September, as many rumors have confirmed, so the good-old lightning bolt is our friend.

The iPhone 13 will retain the LiDAR Scanner as exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max models, which were earlier rumored to come with the mini and regular models too.

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There are no rumors on pricing yet, but considering the trend, the mini iPhone 13 will start at $699, the regular will sell at the lowest of $799.

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro will start at $999, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is expected to start at $1099.