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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Female activist criticised for a “Black Leather Jacket” at Faiz Festival

While majority of social media users praised students' tenacity and vigor at a student protest in Faiz Festival, a black leather jacket of the female protestor pricked a fraction of social media users.

A fraction of social media users criticized student rights activist Arooj Aurangzaib, who led a student protest at recently concluded Faiz Festival in Lahore, for donning a leather jacket during the protest.

Recently, a group of students attracted attention on social media after a couple of their videos chanting Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry ‘Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna‘ at the festival hit the internet. A small protest was organized in the purview of the upcoming Student Solidarity March, which will raise voice for the resumption of the student politics. The protests under the Student Solidarity March will be organized in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore on November 29th.

The protests will put forth a couple of demands to the government including the immediate uplift of the ban from student unions across the country. To reverse the recent hike in the university’s fees, to ensure free education for the students. It seeks substantial reforms in the education system of Pakistan and most importantly the protection of female students from sexual harassment and swift conclusion of harassment cases.

While, students garnered appreciation on social media for ensuing a reformist movement, taking up the stand and challenging the authorities to take up the issue there was a fraction of social media users which slammed the students particularly, Arooj Aurangzaib, the most vocal among all.

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The naysayers slammed Aurangzaib based on her black leather jacket she donned during the protest, which, gave an impression to them that she belonged to an elite family. Hence, people from an elite background cannot run a revolutionary reformist movement.


According to them, the elite youth will beat the drum, gather a group of audience, creates social media sensation and will return to their luxurious homes. Many of the critics even assumed that all the students belonged to LUMS, which they did not.



A lot of social media criticized the naysayers calling them for unduly ridiculing the woman just because they are uncomfortable with the idea of a woman leading a protest. Female social media users particularly defended Arooj Aurangzaib on social media.

The demands for the restoration of student union surfaced after two students were rusticated from UET Lahore. The student criticized that a robust student union can challenge an unjustifiable move from the educational institutions.