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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Female Sindhi comedian apologized after receiving death threats

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A female comedian, Natalia Gul Jilani Baghdadi, from Karachi, has reportedly received death and gang-rape threats after her skit allegedly offended the Sindhi community. Belonging to the same ethnic community, the fellow Sindhis are bashing her for allegedly despising Sindhi culture in her play.

Natalia Gul, a dentist by profession and stand-up comedian by choice had her video released and posted on Facebook on Friday. The video titled ‘Sindhi Encyclopedia’ had to be taken down after a severe backlash. The page that had posted the video later released an official statement.

Renowned Sindhi folk artist Sanam Marvi took to her page and expressed her indignation over the humor by Natalia Gul that demeaned the Sindhi culture. In a long Facebook post. Marvi talked about the beauty of the Sindhi culture.

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Natalia Gul, however, responded to the backlash and released a video apologizing for the people of Sindhi community. “I am doing this because I am receiving life threats and my family is really concerned about me,” she said while talking about the name calling she has received ever since the video went viral.

“I have performed on international platforms as well. Never have I faced such backlash,” Natalia told in response to the backlash she received. She added, “comedy is all about stereotyping. If people cannot take a joke, then they are missing out on the essence of it.”

“As a Sindhi, I’ve drawn on my experiences for skits often and I’ve never faced such backlash with any real audience. Even in the video, you can see people in the crowd were enjoying it,” shared Natalia.

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“I could’ve never imagined this sort of a reaction. I drew on my own life experiences, being a metric student, the fact that we love daal chawal, my landlord brother does own a chai dhabba, I mean some clichés are clichés for a reason” she added.

After an enormous backlash, Natalia has restricted her social media presence. She has deactivated her Facebook account, has placed privacy on the Instagram account.