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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Feroze Khan set for second wedding, video goes viral

Actor Feroze Khan seems to gearing up for a second wedding as a video of his Mayoon ceremony went viral on social media last night.

The actor was seen sitting with the bride Dua, wearing a bright yellow dress per the event. The actor can be seen enjoying and smiling at the ceremony.

The video was shared by Yasin Lakhani on Instagram last night. Feroze Khan was seen wearing a black outfit. He can be seen applying mehndi on Dua’s hands.

The internet has been in shock over the emergence of the video of his second marriage. The video received mixed comments on social media.

The marriage after his tumultuous first marriage with Aliza Sultan. The actor already has two kids from his first marriage.

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Aliza, the wife of Feroze Khan, had accused him of domestic abuse and violence following the couple parted ways.

In an Instagram post, Aliza made some shocking revelations about her marriage and relationship with Feroze Khan during the four years of marriage. Last week, the news of Feroze Khan submitting a visiting rights certificate for his children. The news hinted at the couple formally parting ways.

“Our marriage of four years was utter chaos,” Aliza said in a statement. “In addition to continuous physical and psychological violence during this period, I had to endure infidelity, blackmail, and degradation at my husband’s hands.” She added that after careful consideration, she has “reached the sad conclusion that I cannot spend my whole life in this horrific manner.”

Aliza commented, “The welfare and well-being of my children have played a significant role in this decision. I do not want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy, and violent household. I am afraid that their mental development and approach to life would be negatively impacted by exposure to such a hostile environment.” Feroze Khan had denied the allegations made by Aliza