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Friday, April 19, 2024

FIA officer injured during Mohsin Baig’s arrest

Earlier, Baig appeared in a talk show at a private news media outlet where he leveled veiled allegations on the personal life of Prime Minister Imran Khan. A social media campaign began on his statements, prompting reactions from the government and opposition leaders.

The Federal Investigation Agency has arrested journalist Mohsin Baig from his home, his son confirmed on Wednesday. According to details, the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing raided the journalist’s house in Islamabad along with the police.

According to reports, an FIA member was injured in an exchange of fire during the raid. It is unclear who shot the FIA member. However, videos from the scene show Mohsin Baig firing shots. Images of Moshin Baig bringing out the FIA member while holding a gun also surfaced on Twitter.

Baig’s son told Geo News that FIA officials in plainclothes came to the house earlier today and arrested his father.

“Initially, we thought that they (FIA personnel) are thieves and opened fire in the air but later they introduced themselves as law enforcers. We also asked them to show arrest warrants but they didn’t have. Meanwhile, a police party also came to our house.”

The FIA “faced resistance” during the raid and “dragged” the journalist to the van. According to reports, Baig filed a petition against the ‘illegal detention’.

Reports state that Federal Minister Murad Saeed filed the complaint with FIA against Mohsin Baig. A few days ago, Mohsin Baig appeared in a talk show at a private news media outlet where he made derogatory remarks regarding Murad Saeed and PM Khan. Both Mohsin Baig and the journalist hosting the program came under heavy criticism.

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Reactions to Mohsin Baig’s arrest

Mohsin Baig’s arrest has left Twitter divided. The incident is among the top Twitter trends in Pakistan with users voicing their opinions regarding his arrest. Members of the journalistic community condemned the arrest.

“Without any warrants or due cause, former PTI supporter Mohsin Baig has been arrested by FIA Cyber Crime, reflecting panic of the government in the wake of criticism,” journalist Hamza Azhar tweeted.

Another journalist Munizae Jahangir demanded the release of Mohsin Baig and condemned the use of force by the government against journalists.

On the other hand, many also criticized Mohsin Baig for firing at government officials, calling it an act of terrorism. They raised questions on the state of journalism in Pakistan.

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