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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

FIEDMC is taking strict measures against coronavirus

In the midst of a global pandemic, everyone is taking measures to avoid contracting/spreading COVID-19. Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company is also on board and dedicated to provide a safe environment for the staff working in the economic zones.

Privy to the global pandemic, Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company Chairman, Mian Kashif Ashfaq, discussed how coronavirus is affecting the SEZs. He announced on Sunday that all industrial units situated in FIEDMC’s vicinity are taking various precautions and preventive measures against contracting COVID-19.

Presiding over a meeting of top management of the operational industrial units, he said, “they are strictly following the guidelines given by the Punjab government and the Federal government to avoid catching coronavirus”.

The Corona virus has officially spread to 893 diagnosed patients in Pakistan – and this does not include carriers and symptomless infected individuals. People have adopted self-quarantine which is making them worry about making both ends meet.

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In such a tragic and confused situation, we need to do all that we can to help prevent the spread of this contagion. Companies are working on skeleton models for the time being, but those which cannot afford to do so, are required to follow certain rules. Helping to fight this battle, FIEDMC Chairman, Mian Kashif is adamant to make the economic zones as safe as possible for its employees and staff.

FIEDMC’s preventive measures

According to Mian Kashif, the measures taken by FIEDMC include: screening of employees while entering the premises with thermal sensors; asking them to avoid handshakes; cleaning hands with sanitizers; punching attendance with cards instead of biometrics; keeping sufficient distance between employees, both at workplace and canteen; sanitizing the conveyance vehicles and loading them with half the capacity; and spraying of disinfectants in and around the industrial city premises.

On the occasion, Mian Kashif appreciated the Prime Minister, Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar. He acknowledged how both the federal and provincial governments are taking every possible step to protect the people. This led him to urge the public to strictly follow the precautionary measures and cooperate with the government in implementing its decisions regarding the prevention of the virus. He believes that the government, general public and the media together could fight the war against Corona effectively.

Mian Kashif said it was time that every Pakistani should not only protect himself with adopting preventive measures, but also protect others assuming it as a national duty

Among other cautionary moves, Mian Kashif further shared that a help desk has also been established in the FIEDMC head office. This will focus on providing information, guidelines and preventive measures to employees about the current pandemic. He said, “safety of our workers and laborers is our top priority and we would use all available resources for their protection against coronavirus”.

The Chairman also announced that FIEDMC will also launch a massive campaign to educate the public. This will teach the laymen ways to protect themselves from the infection by adopting hygiene practices, including regularly washing hands and maintaining social distance while residents of the localities were appealed not to come out of the houses without any necessity.

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Mian Kashif said it was time that every Pakistani should not only protect himself with adopting preventive measures, but also protect others assuming it as a national duty.