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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Empty stadiums during World Athletics Championships raise questions

Qatar has been making all efforts, despite some negative reporting, to become a tourist destination through establishing itself a peaceful and dynamic country. The government is addressing all the issues raised by sports fans and international human rights organizations. 

Qatar has been facing harsh criticism over meager and outstanding issues since the time it has been tasked to organize the Football World Cup 2022. The latest wave of criticism erupted sparked by the spectacle of a near-empty stadium during the opening days, raising fears for attendance in 2022. “It’s a classic mega-event failing, believing that ‘if you build it, fans will come’,” said Simon Chadwick, professor of sports enterprise at Britain’s Salford University.

Qatar has come under fire for its hosting of the World Athletics Championships with questions raised over Doha’s ability to deliver the football World Cup successfully in three years’ time.

The FIFA Club World Cup is an international men’s association football competition organized by the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s global governing body. It attracts people from across the world to watch the tournament which helps the host country to present its soft image before the world.

I would like to assure any fan, of any gender, (sexual) orientation, religion, race to rest assured that Qatar is one of safest countries in the world – and they’ll all be welcome here

International Association of Athletics Federations chief Sebastian Coe has come under fire for the dismal crowds that turned out in Doha to watch blue-riband events including the men’s and women’s 100 meters. “The crowd is an easier subject to talk about rather than some of the more insightful stuff around the events,” said Coe, who attacked what he viewed as negative media coverage.

Qatar, its extreme weather and labor laws have been under the criticism ever since the country was named the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The government in Qatar has repeatedly promised to ensure the safety of workers.

There have been other allegations of being too a conservative Muslim society for the fans of homosexual couples or consumers of alcohol.

Qatar has been addressing every allegation and challenges posed by human rights organizations. “I would like to assure any fan, of any gender, (sexual) orientation, religion, race to rest assured that Qatar is one of safest countries in the world – and they’ll all be welcome here,” recently said chief executive of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Nasser al-Khater. Mr. al-Khater.

Also, there are some reports which claim that a deal is about to be signed which may allow alcohol and other eatables for the foreigners. The Qatari government is also expected to offer subsidy on alcohol.

However, some western media outlets claim that in Qatar migrant laborers are being forced to work in ‘searing temperatures’ which is a dangerous and gross violation of fundamental human rights. A report published in The Guardian points out that “every year hundreds of workers – many young men between 25 and 35 years old – die while working in Qatar. The majority of these deaths are attributed to cardiovascular causes or “natural death” by the Qatari authorities”.

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Interestingly, Qatar is viewing sports and games not only events but an opportunity to expand its tourism industry with an intention to introduce several tourist destinations in the country. The tourism sector, in Qatar, is offering new avenues to the investors and businesses with remarkable growth which has reportedly reached 11% as of August.