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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

FIR lodged against Fawad Khan for denying polio drops to children

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Famous actor Fawad Khan has been named in the First Information Report registered by Lahore District Administrations beside five other individuals for not letting the children of their families be immunized by polio drops on Wednesday.

As per the reports, the actor’s wife stopped the anti-polio team inside the home and refused the children from being immunized. The polio team also complained that the driver of Fawad Khan misbehaved with them.

The FIR has been registered against Fawad Khan over “polio refusal” on a complaint of Union Council Monitoring Officer. The UCMO stated in the complaint that the polio team reached the home on 5 pm on Tuesday that had one child in the home that could have been immunized but “the head of the family has been refusing to have the children vaccinated against polio and has been threatening the polio team with serious consequences”.

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Prime Minister’s Focal Person for Polio Eradication Babar Bin Atta on Wednesday requested Fawad Khan to cooperate with the polio team for the national cause.

He tweeted that, “Mr. Fawad is our pride, I request him to allow teams to vaccinate the child. Lahore has had a polio case last week, we must protect the child.”


He also regretted the unpleasant behavior towards the polio team by Fawad’s family and driver.

In response to another tweet, he stated that “none has the right to scold our teams while they are performing their duties.”


“I have been told that Respectable Mrs. Fawad thinks getting their daughter immunized from [the] UK will give the child protection against WPV1 strain. Protection against Wild Poliovirus can only be guaranteed with Oral Polio Vaccine.”

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The media team of Fawad Khan has termed the accusations as baseless in the press statement released which reads that Fawad Khan has been out of the country since Feb 13. “Fawad reserves the right for legal redress including damages caused by the event.”