Aisha Mughal has become the first female transgender to officially represent Pakistan at a United Nations Forum. She is part of the National Delegation at the United Nations’ Convention to end all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Ministry of Human Rights shared her picture with the delegation in Geneva, Switzerland on its Twitter account. Meanwhile, Pakistan is also the first country in the world to include a female transgender in its national delegation at CEDAW.

Pakistan’s commendable steps signify that it is determined to provide equal opportunity and representation to transgenders in letter and spirit.

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Aisha Mughal is the Transgender Rights Experts and Focal Person at the Ministry of Human Rights. She has been passionately working to ensure equal and safe public space for this section of society.

She was also present at the workshop held recently in Islamabad to present the draft guidelines for police engagement with transgender persons to the representatives of the police department.

Aisha Mughal hailed the steps taken by the Ministry of Human Rights. “Keeping in line with international best practices, these guidelines chart out the appropriate treatment of transgender persons who encounter police officials,” she said while addressing the workshop.

Aisha has M.Phil in Human Resource Management from COMSATS Islamabad. She is the first transgender in the visiting faculty at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad- one of the highly reputed academic institutions in Pakistan. She has taught at the varsity for a year.

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In her early interview with Gulf News, Aisha Mughal said, usually, people from this community are associated with dancing, sex work, and criminal activities but things are changing now and they are actively seeking reputable status in the society.

“We have a transgender TV anchor, a transgender employee in National Database And Regulatory Authority (NADRA), a makeup artist in a TV channel and many other shining examples,” said Aisha Mughal.