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Thursday, May 23, 2024

First Lady Ms. Erdogan donated Pakistan precious necklace in 2010

Emine Erdoğan, wife of Tayyip Erdogan initiated her political career as a civil society activist. She launched a campaign with the help of the education ministry. Moreover, around 300 thousand girls had been provided with education through the campaign ''Come on Girls, Let’s Go to School”. launched by her “

Speaking at the sewing machines distributing ceremony at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), she said that Turkey and Pakistan have always stood by each other at times of need.

Pakistan’s First Lady Bushra Bibi, the Managing Director of Pakistan Baitul Maal Aon Abbas Bappi and Chairperson Ehsaas Programme Dr. Sania Nishtar were also present at the occasion.

Notably, the first lady donated a precious necklace given to her by Tayyip Erdogan on their marriage to raise the funds

She reiterated that no nation can develop without empowering women. adding that Turkey has always supported Pakistan in gauging social welfare projects.

”Health and prosperity are coherently related to a prosperous future for any nation. Therefore, it is important to focus on health.” She has also said that women’s empowerment in Pakistan is inevitable to make it prosperous and more plural.

Services rendered by Emine Erdoğan to Pakistan

After the devastating flood in 2010, the Turkish first lady visited flood-hit areas in Muzaffargarh and the Turkish government donated a state of the art hospital and a school, along with a housing colony comprising 1,274 houses for those affected by the 2010 super flood with the recommendation of Turkish first lady.

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Moreover, she also actively participated in fundraising for the flood-hit areas to attenuate the sufferings of the people in Pakistan. Notably, she also visited the areas and distributed donations among the people of flood-hit areas in Punjab.

In the recognition of her services, the government of Pakistan named the school by her name and the first lady inaugurated a hospital and a school at Basira Town in 2014.

The first lady has termed the Pakistan-Turkey relations as ‘illustrious’ as both nations have supported each other at the time of need.

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Notably, the first lady donated a precious necklace given to her by Tayyip Erdogan on their marriage to raise funds. However, the necklace was later on auctioned by the government and it was returned to Ms. Emine Erdogan. Meanwhile, she again gave to the then prime minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gillani for raising donations. She has never shrugged off helping Pakistani social welfare projects and at the time of need.