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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

First wife of late Aamir Liaquat, Bushra Iqbal, opens up in candid interview

Revelations on Honor, Family, and Personal Challenges Surrounding the Late Television Personality Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

In a recent podcast appearance, Bushra Iqbal, the first wife of the late Aamir Liaquat, offered an intimate glimpse into the life of the renowned television personality, shedding light on his life before and after his passing. With candid and heartfelt words, she delved into matters of honor, family, and the challenges faced by both men and women in society.

Addressing the distressing ordeal of a leaked video and the subsequent passing of the celebrated personality, Bushra made a poignant statement, asserting, “Honour is not just a woman’s. A man has honor as well. Had this happened to a woman, the entire country would have been out on the street, burning things. But a woman had done this. Men and women are kept equal. God has not kept the level of punishment different in the Quran.”

Continuing her discourse, she expressed her hurt over the silence of people amid the controversy, saying, “People didn’t speak up. I was quite hurt. Everyone had their fun. YouTubers, members, everyone…People should think, ‘What if this happened to me?’ The best of people end up killing themselves. Who [ends up killing themselves]? Those who have no shame or honor. Otherwise, people have a lot of videos leaked, it was his honor. There are many videos of him crying. Some people claim we weren’t in contact. About facing his kids, he’s crying and saying – there are many audios that people haven’t even heard, I have them, on which basis I am fighting the case.”

Revealing the emotional turmoil within their family, she added, “He’d be crying wondering how he’d face his kids – it’s not easy. A person has died. People raised fingers at the kids as well…He was a very loving father. He was a very loving husband. There was a time when life broke and scattered, our family broke. We were patient. Then it was time to get the kids through a very sensitive age. Took care of them. That didn’t placate people either. Family was snatched, everything was snatched, financially, in every way a person was used and three other people were left in pain. We left it to God, we still have. But it’s not easy.”

Regarding their paths diverging upon Aamir Liaquat’s subsequent marriages, Bushra disclosed, “Neither did I leave him, nor did I want to. God knows best the affection I had for him. He did not want to leave me either. The other family, there was pressure, and a person becomes helpless due to circumstances.”

Throughout the podcast, Bushra also expressed sincere admiration and fond memories of her deceased former partner, describing him as her “boss” and “mentor” from whom she learned extensively.

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Discussing Dania Shah, who has been associated with recent events, Bushra said, “There is a difference between being a life partner and being the reason for a life ending.” She chose not to mention Dania’s name, adding, “God save us from such women.” Bushra also revealed a request made by her late husband during his lifetime due to frequent death threats – he had asked that if he ever passed away, a postmortem examination should not be permitted.

In this candid interview, Bushra Iqbal provided a rare insight into the complexities of her relationship with the late Aamir Liaquat and the personal challenges they faced, shedding light on a side of the celebrated television personality that had remained largely hidden from the public eye.