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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Five Corporate Business Traveler Packing Tips That Will Make Your Life Much Smoother

As a corporate business traveler, there is no doubt you spend a fair amount of time in airports, on planes, and en-route to various meetings across the country and around the world. Arriving on time, as well as looking professional and prepared for your meetings is imperative to the trip’s success, but it doesn’t usually happen just by fluke. There is a whole lot of planning, organization, and thought that goes into pulling off a successful business trip, which can also make it seem a bit overwhelming – especially if you travel often.

If you’re tired of your trips feeling stressful, hurried, and not as successful as you had hoped, then one of the areas you may want to make some adjustments to is how you pack. Did you know that how and what you pack can actually set the tone for the entire trip, either giving you that positive start you need, or putting you in a negative space really quickly? So, let’s take a look at the top five corporate business travel packing tips that are bound to make your life and travels smoother.

Get Rid of Checked Luggage

One of the biggest and most important tip for corporate travelers is to get rid of checked luggage. If you are in the habit of checking a suitcase, it’s time to re-think how you pack and travel. Traveling with a carry-on sized suitcase will eliminate so many headaches at the airport.

You won’t have to wait in a long line to check your bag, you don’t run the risk of your luggage being lost along the way, and you will save time when you reach your destination, since you don’t have to stand at the luggage carousel waiting with all the others to spot your bag.

There are plenty of durable, stylish, and compact carry-on sized suitcases to choose from nowadays that will allow you to easily fit a few days’ worth of clothing and necessities in them. Look for something lightweight and on wheels in order to make moving through the airport a breeze.

Choose a Tote Bag as Your Purse

You can also look to your purse as another way to get organized and travel in a smarter fashion. Using a tote bag instead of a small purse will provide you with the extra room necessary for a tablet, your smartphone, passport, travel documents, a water bottle, and more. Not only does it give you the space you need, but it looks incredibly professional and chic as you step into your meetings.

A great example is the Saint Laurent Black Large Quilted Tote Bag, which you can find at SSENSE, who are known for their large selection of Saint Laurent bags. Their selection of high-end designer bags doesn’t just end at Yves Saint Laurent however, as you’ll find other top designers that will be equally as appropriate in the corporate setting. These styles of totes will easily become your most favorite bag to travel with, and even use back home at the office.

Put Together a Wardrobe of Basics

Because you won’t have a ton of extra space in your carry-on suitcase, it’s really important to give thought to your clothing. Relying on basics is usually the best way to go, as these allow for mixing and matching while you’re away. The basic pieces include such things as a blazer, a pair of dressy trousers, a shirt or blouse, and a power skirt.

Choose One Color Palette

As you pick those basic pieces to throw in your bag, you can also think about the color palette. Many travelers find it helpful to pick one color palette and then choose items that work with that palette. That will allow you to maximize the mix and match opportunities, and ensure that you aren’t left with pieces that don’t really work.

Try to Cut Back Where Footwear is Concerned

One item that can really throw travelers off is footwear. Let’s face it, even with the best intentions, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one pair of shoes. The problem is that footwear takes up so much valuable space in your suitcase, and when you’re just taking a carry-on, extra space isn’t really something you’re got.

Often the best plan is to wear a pair of flats and pack a pair of heels. Just be sure that you pick a basic color that will work with any of your outfits. Black tends to be the safest choice.

Get Rid of the Stress that So Often Accompanies Business Travel

So, if you’re looking for a way to cut down on the amount of stress that is typically involved in your many business trips, learning how to pack smarter and more organized can certainly help. While some of these tips may seem drastic at first, the amount of hassle, headaches, and time they can save you will make them well worth it.