Five favorites for Iftar this Ramadan that you don’t want to miss!


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The holy month of Ramadan is entering its final phase and there’s still so much of it left to celebrate. As Ramadan has brought with itself its blessings, it has also brought the daily celebrations of Seher and Iftar. In Islamabad/Rawalpindi, where restaurants are generally expensive and not worth their money, quite a few places have stepped up their game this Holy month and as Ramadan is getting away from us really fast, you better go and try five of these Iftar deals in the twin cities!

1. Isloo Grill

Do you want the Monal-feeling and none of the expense or the fatigue? Say no more. Isloo grill, a restaurant at the original Pir Sohawa, around 5 kilometers from the Monal restaurant, is a spectacular little roadside with a killer view (you can actually see on both ends of the mountain) and the food is better than most desi restaurants in the city. In popular urban culture, Isloo grill is known for its Pakoras, so you better grab a light jacket and get yourself up there for an Iftar!


2. Aura Grande Events Complex

This wedding marquee is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Islamabad. It also hosts the most lavish Iftar buffet in the city. Comprising of over a hundred different edibles in Iftar and dinner, counting individuals is a tough shell. But from their live cooked mutton chops to the live pasta station to the Paratha station and the barbecue, the Iftar dinner is an absolute necessity. Plus, with a game show going around, there’s a very high chance you might win back the money you’ve spent.

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3. Old Town Coffee and Cate

So pinpointing things in Rawalpindi is very difficult. With a world open on the foodstreet (keep following GVS for another piece on Food heavens in Rawalpindi) and Saddar, not to mention Bahria town, you cannot really bring it down to one. But there is one little magical place in the heart of the cantonment: right alongside the Pearl continental, there is a small place called the old town café. For meat lovers, this place might be what you have been looking for all your life. A very small and ambient place, with food you’ll never forget, an Iftar just might be the break you’ve wanted all Ramadan.


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4. Jessie’s

The Jaswal brothers are running a nice joint. With Juicy burgers and great steaks coupled with friendly staff, Jessie’s is a nice all-rounder hangout. Their Ramadan deal, including a small Iftar platter and an entrée of your choice; makes up for a nice gratifying Iftar. And you never know, you might run into your favorite star, Umair jaswal!

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5. Road Side

The best Iftar, is with the people all around the city distributing Iftar to travellers and the less fortunate. The Iftar that follows the essence of Ramadan; giving, regardless of any discrimination. Spend your money on the places above, but also spend an Iftar distributing to the needy and the travellers like hundreds of people do all around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. That will be the most satisfying iftar you’ll ever have, we guarantee!

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