Flood victims rage against PPP leader

The locals of the area have complained that the aid sent from foreign countries is not reaching the people. They have nothing to eat and nowhere to live.

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Pakistan recently faced the worst floods in over a decade. Many districts in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were submerged, causing huge devastation to life and property.

As a result, all efforts have been mobilized to provide funds and aid to the flood victims, however, tempers are running high in Sindh at PPP leaders who allegedly failed to provide relief to the flood victims. A video of flood victims attacking PPP leader Waseem Qaim Khani’s car in Khipro, Sindh is going viral.

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M Azhar Siddique, Supreme Court advocate, shared the video on Twitter. As per the video, flood victims attacked the car of the PPP leader with sticks and refused to let it pass. Due to the attacks, Waseem Qaimkhani had to flee, abandoning his car.

According to the details, the locals of the area have complained that the aid sent from foreign countries is not reaching the people. They have nothing to eat and nowhere to live. The victims are also facing infectious diseases as a result of the flood. They urgently need food, shelter, and medication. Amid the dire situation, Sindh lawmakers and landlords are allegedly withholding the funds or misusing them.

Insensitive acts

Pertinent to mention that PPP lawmakers have often been accused of corruption and looting the public’s money. Moreover, as authorities in Pakistan carried out relief operations, reports emerged of PPP leaders’ insensitivity towards the flood victims.

Earlier, a video went viral of Sindh MNA Ameer Ali Shah Jillani enjoying a can of a soft drink and washing his feet — wet with flood water — with bottled water, right in front of the flood victims on his visit to Sanghar, Sindh.

The video attracted severe criticism on Twitter where the users called Jillani out for his unacceptable behavior while being surrounded by the distressed. Similarly, PPP leader Manzoor Wassan came under fire for comparing the flood-hit area of Sindh with Italy’s city Venice.

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Due to the insensitive acts of some PPP leaders, the flood victims are raging against the government in Sindh which is already criticized for its poor governance in the province.


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