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Friday, July 19, 2024

FM Qureshi departs for 76th UNGA session on Monday

FM Qureshi departs for 76th UNGA session on Monday were he will participate in high-level meetings, side events and deliver a talk at the prestigious think-tank Council of Foreign Relations. Under the theme of "Building Resilience through Hope", the session underscore the need for greater urgency to end the pandemic, ensure an equitable recovery and implementation of SDGs.

FM Qureshi departs for 76th UNGA session on Monday. During his visit from September 21-25, he will participate in various high-level meetings and side events at the United Nations General Assembly session and also deliver a talk at the prestigious think-tank Council on Foreign Relations.

FM Qureshi will hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts and the UN leadership. He will also interact with a cross-section of the international media and meet the dynamic Pakistani-American community.

He will also uphold Pakistan’s determined narrative about continued engagement with the Taliban government in Afghanistan and the country’s unwavering efforts to ensure peace and prosperity in the war-torn country.

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Theme of 76th UNGA session

Under the theme ‘Building Resilience through Hope’, and against the background of the COVID pandemic and global insecurity, the General Assembly’s opening will underscore the need for greater urgency and ambition to end the pandemic and ensure an equitable and green recovery and accelerated implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

As it is the collective desire of all states to end the pandemic everywhere and reboot the global economy, the United Nations Secretary General have presented the states with two choices. Either, they can secure human, economic and environmental health for generations to come, or reinforce old patterns that are destroying nature and driving societal division.

With Pakistan being one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and had faced the brunt of Afghan imbroglio for years, FM Qureshi as he departs for 76th UNGA session, will hold the same narrative of ensuring a peaceful Afghanistan that is conducive for the region.

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Our greatest challenge is our greatest opportunity

An inclusive, sustainable and resilient COVID-19 recovery is critical to setting the world on course toward a just transition to a 1.5°C pathway that will also create jobs, reduce inequalities and improve health and food security, benefiting people, planet and the economy.

Our greatest challenge – which is at the same time our greatest opportunity – is to use this crisis to turn the tide, pivot towards a better future for all, leveraging increased and more effective international cooperation.

In addition to the General Debate, this year’s 76th UNGA session will kick off a series of international UN conferences in 2021 that are expected to highlight action and solutions that will ignite the transformations needed to secure healthy, peaceful and prosperous lives for all.

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