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Thursday, February 15, 2024

FM Qureshi discusses cooperation on Afghanistan with German FM Heiko Maas

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi hosted Foreign Minister Heiko Maas from Germany in Islamabad today. Their press release indicates Pakistan-Germany close coordination on Afghanistan and the deepening of ties.

Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi addressed a joint press conference with his German counterpart, Heiko Maas, in Islamabad, discussing important matters. Both Foreign Ministers shared the need for the international community to cooperate for stability to prevail in Afghanistan.

FM Qureshi said that he invited FM Heiko so he could better assess the situation on the ground. “It will give you a very good holistic view of what the challenges are, what the concerns are, what the opportunities are and what needs to be done in the days ahead.”


FM Qureshi said that Afghanistan is going through a “pivotal moment” in its history. He added, The international community must remain engaged. Humanitarian assistance must flow. Do not let the economic collapse in Afghanistan take place.”

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Pakistan hoped for Germany to continue its engagements with Afghanistan and motivate other global actors to understand the gravity of the situation.

Pakistan-Germany to deepen bilateral ties and engage geoeconomically 

FM Qureshi was proud to share the among EU countries Germany is an important investor in Pakistan and one of the most significant trading partners. FM Qureshi took this chance to share prospects of deepening relations between the two states economically and politically. “There are opportunities that Germany must avail in special economic zones,” He said.

He said. The Foreign Minister also requested expeditious German visas for Pakistanis.

Pakistan’s facilitation in evacuation from Kabul

FM Heiko Maas commented on developments in Kabul saying that the Taliban’s pledges are yet to be fulfilled. He reinstated that Germany is willing to cooperate with Pakistan being the immediate neighbour to Afghanistan. 

FM Heiko Mass said, “It is important for us that all Afghans, even those who do not support the Taliban, feel represented by this government and it remains to be seen whether the Taliban take this into account…We are already seeing that people are travelling via land routes to the borders of Afghanistan, and we need procedures to bring these people to Germany if they are eligible.” 

He thanked Pakistan for aiding in the safe evacuation from Kabul and providing transit stays to people and said that Germany will continue to monitor the situation with Pakistan.

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