Follow protocols: PM Imran Khan gives stern call to US

PM Imran Khan had refused to meet the director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns who allegedly visited Pakistan secretly in late April to negotiate on a US drone base.

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According to media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan twice refused to meet the officials of the government of the USA without protocols.

As reported in an article in Dawn News, PM Imran Khan had refused to meet the director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns who allegedly had secretly visited Pakistan in late April. The CIA official had visited Pakistan to negotiate on a US drone base in Pakistan. According to the official statement, Pakistan has refused to provide its bases to the USA.


The CIA director had asked to meet PM Imran Khan but was refused by the government as he was told that the meeting can only take place between the heads of the two countries.

Similarly, PM Imran Khan had refused to meet the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo without protocols. A journalist said that in 2018, the visit of the US Secretary of State was first delayed and then reduced to 4 hours because PM Imran Khan and the PTI government insisted the US government follow protocols.

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US had wanted PM Imran Khan to sit across like in the past and not as the head. At that time, Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) government insisted the USA follow protocols.

PM Imran Khan has been garnering praise on social media as he upheld principles in his interactions with the powerful countries. In the past, the people of Pakistan had resented the hostile and often contemptuous attitude of the USA towards Pakistan. There had been a strong call from the people of Pakistan to stand on its foot within its diplomatic relations with the USA.

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The people of Pakistan have been wishing for the state to negotiate with the countries on its terms and conditions and pursue the interests of the country audaciously.


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