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Friday, February 16, 2024

Footage shows French police beat women in hijab

The French police are being criticized on social media. Social media users in Pakistan said that French police violated basic human rights.

Footage of French police beating two women in hijab has sparked outrage on social media. Video shows police beating and punching women in the hijab.

The footage was recorded on April 14th. The police used an extreme amount of force against a woman while pushing another woman. As the police punched the woman in the head another woman recording the video can be heard, “Hey, I’m recording, let her go. He slapped (the woman) and hit her.” The woman recording the video went to the police to inform the police she has recorded the video.

The police were heard saying: “I have the authority. I can do it.” The behavior of the police has been described as Islamophobic. Police have been condemned for brutally beating the women.

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Hate campaign against Islam?

Some say that women were beaten for wearing the headscarves publicly. The French police claim that the police officers were stuck in the traffic and turned on the siren to move forward.

Meanwhile, the women in headscarves tried to cross the road. Hence police officers got out of the car and beat them. As per the French police, the police had turned on the siren to reach the car that was breaking the traffic rule. Despite the urgency, the two women tried to cross the road “disrespecting the police and angering them.”

The situation spun out of control as the crowd got involved and police registered the case against the two women.

Regardless of the explanation, the French police have met with criticism on social media. Social media users in Pakistan said that French police violated basic human rights. It also reflected their bias against Islam.

On the other hand, a systematic hate campaign against Islam has been kicked off in Sweden. On the same day, far-right Danish politician, Rasmus Paludan, had burnt a copy of the Holy Quran in the neighborhood of Sweden on April 14th under police protection, reports TRT World.