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Thursday, May 23, 2024

For the third time, Ayaz Sadiq elected as the Speaker NA

PTI's Omar Ayub echoed the sentiment, criticizing the absence of women and minority members, deeming the house 'incomplete.'

In the pivotal election for the speaker of the National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, representing the PML-N-led coalition, clinched a substantial victory on Friday, amassing a 91-vote lead over Aamir Dogar, the PTI-supported candidate. Sadiq secured 199 out of the 291 cast votes, with a single vote deemed invalid, while Dogar garnered 91 votes.

The commencement of the session witnessed uproar as SIC-PTI members resorted to chanting slogans of ‘chor chor’ and voiced support for party luminary Imran Khan. Despite the disruption, proceedings began, with PTI MNA Omar Ayub initiating speech, interrupted by NA Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s call for uninterrupted proceedings.

PTI Chairman Gohar Ali Khan emphasized the assembly’s ‘incompleteness’ due to the absence of reserved seats for SIC, citing Article 51, and urged the speaker to maintain neutrality. PTI’s Omar Ayub echoed the sentiment, criticizing the absence of women and minority members, deeming the house ‘incomplete.’

PTI expresses its concern over election results

Tensions escalated when an individual disrupted from the visitors’ gallery  when he was echoing the slogans of “chor chor”, leading to their removal by Sergeants at Arms. This action sparked a confrontation between Jamshed Dasti and gallery attendees, culminating in the suspension of voting as SIC members protested the removal.

SIC’s objections prompted a brief halt in proceedings, demanding the return of the ejected individual. Upon resumption, Omar Ayub called for an inquiry into the individual’s reentry, suggesting possible intentional disruption.

Outgoing Speaker Ashraf assured an inquiry, albeit with skepticism regarding its efficacy. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif’s arrival instigated further discord, with opposing factions chanting slogans upon his entrance and exit post-vote.

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Following the vote count and Sadiq’s declaration as speaker, he assumed office amidst applause. Sadiq, serving his third term, implored lawmakers to critique decisions constructively, emphasizing cooperation for national progress.

Dogar, conceding graciously, highlighted electoral integrity concerns and demanded the return of PTI-SIC seats. He praised Imran Khan’s reconciliation stance but underscored the prerequisite of restoring PTI’s mandate.

In Dogar’s critique, he questioned the legitimacy of elections and expenditure if decisions were predetermined, advocating for fair representation and electoral transparency.