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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Foreign female traveler harassed in a hotel in Islamabad

A foreign female traveler complains a boy harassed her during the night at a hotel in Islamabad. The traveler who is currently visiting Islamabad shared an unpleasant experience on her social media account.

A female traveler named Alex goes by the name of Lost With Purpose on Instagram shared videos and images of the boy trying to harass her. She said that the boy came into her room at night and approached her to sleep with her.

He left the room once she started recording his video. He insisted to stay in her room despite her asking him to leave. Alex shared his images with a note expressing her disappointment with the incident.

She said the boy texted her afterward and tried to fake an apology. Netizens in Pakistan are lamenting the incident and condemning the boy for violating ethics and norms.

They have demanded the Islamabad Police take action against the boy. Police have asked for the contact number of the victim.

Back in 20222, an American female tourist was raped in Dera Ghazi Khan. The 21-year-old American woman was visiting the tourist site when the incident happened. She said she was staying at a local hotel when two travel guides sexually abused her. According to the woman, the accused made videos of sexually abusing her to be used for blackmailing her for money afterward.

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The accused was allegedly raped by tour guides Muzamil Shehzad and Muhammad Abid. Prime suspect Muzammil Shehzad was arrested from Rajanpur and will be presented in the court in Dera Ghazi Khan. Meanwhile, another suspect is on the run. According to the foreign content creator, the incident happened on the night of July 17th.

Arbela has social media accounts where she promoted tourism in Pakistan. The Border Security Force had registered the case upon her complaint. The survivor will undergo a medical examination as well. Following the incident, she said she is deactivating her accounts.