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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Foreign Office says accounts of Pakistan Embassy in Serbia hacked

Earlier, Pakistan Embassy in Serbia posted a tweet slamming PM Imran Khan while claiming that they have not been paid for three months. However, Pakistan's Foreign Office rejected the tweet and said the account has been hacked.

Pakistan Foreign Office claims that the official account of the Embassy of Pakistan in Serbia has been hacked on Friday. A tweet slamming Prime Minister Imran Khan for rising inflation and price hike had appeared from the official account of the Embassy of Serbia.

The tweet read:  “With inflation breaking all previous records, how long do you expect @ImranKhanPTI that we government official will remain silent & keep working for you without been paid for past 3 months.”

“Our children been forced out of school due to non-payment of fees Is this #NayaPakistan?” read the tweet. The embassy handle further tweeted, “I am sorry @ImranKhanPTI, am not left with another option.”

The embassy had shared an anti-Imran Khan song criticizing him for inflation and soaring prices of basic commodities. The song was titled, ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’.

The tweet ensured chaos among citizens and government dignitaries alike. The tweet, shaming, and embarrassing PM Imran Khan immediately went viral on social media.


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Later on, Pakistan’s Foreign Office released a tweet on Friday. The tweet said the account of the embassy has been hacked. “The Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of the Embassy of Pakistan in Serbia have been hacked. Messages being posted on these accounts are not from the Embassy of Pakistan in Serbia,” read the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The tweet has been deleted from the official account of Pakistan’s Embassy in Serbia. Netizens, however, netizens are confused if the account was hacked or it was an inside conspiracy to shame the current government of Pakistan. They are reluctant to believe the account was hacked but believe it is a conspiracy planned against the current government.

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Netizens say the opposition party, PMLN is behind this. They believe PMLN apologist in the embassy must have tweeted against PM Imran Khan.

Others argued if the person who tweeted had a genuine complaint of not being paid for months. They have urged the government of Pakistan to ensure that all the civil servants are being paid their due salaries.