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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Former husband of Nimra Khan shares reason for divorce

In a recent live chat on Instagram, actress Nimra Khan's former husband Raja Iftekhar Azam revealed the reasons for their divorce.

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Former husband of actress Nimra Khan in the latest video released the reason for their divorce. Nimra Khan and Raja Iftekhar Azam had tied the knot in April 2020 but ended the marriage within a year.

He revealed the reason during a live chat on Instagram. An Instagram user asked if they are divorced. He confirmed the news. In a live video chat, he said he is an adult. He is free to take his decisions. Azam said that they were not compatible. “I divorced her because I wanted to” said Azam in the video.  He continued, “I got rid of her, she was a headache, she was a proper headache.”

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Nimra Khan’s marriage

Last year, Nimra Khan had tied the knot amid coronavirus lockdown. She shared the news of her Nikkah with her fans and followers in an Instagram post.

She informed that her marriage is an arranged marriage. The groom Raja Iftekhar Azam is her parent’s friend’s son and is a police officer in London, UK.

According to reports, Nimra Khan was expected to settle in the UK with her husband and would have continued to work.

The Nikkah ceremony was held on the 19th of April. The ceremony was a close and intimate event held in the presence of family members at home.

Sharing an adorable picture of the new couple on Instagram, the model wrote, “Alhamdulillah #nikkahfied. I just need your prayers and positivity. I love you mom, dad, my sisters, and my in-laws”.

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Actress further added, “I will settle in London but will keep working, he wants that too.”

Nimra Khan had expressed her feelings in the latest video. She said that she was happy with a low-key wedding ceremony as she always wanted no splurge on her wedding. The actress had even appreciated her husband and mother-in-law and said they both are supportive. She felt blessed to be part of such a family.