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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Former PM Imran Khan’s security reduced?

The Islamabad Police and Rangers who usually patrol the streets leading to Bani Gala were nowhere to be seen. This is a rather alarming development as Imran Khan reportedly faces death threats.

It appears that former Prime Minister Imran Khan now has reduced security as the new government takes office. There are reports of a drop in the security provided to former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan noticed the reduction in security protocol for Imran Khan as he went to visit him at his residence in Bani Gala. Taking to Twitter, Ali Muhammad Khan revealed that the security was not up to the standard that a former prime minister is entitled to receive. He said the Islamabad Police and Rangers who usually patrolled the streets leading to Bani Gala were absent.

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“Went to Bani Gala for a meeting with Khan Sahib. This is not the standard of security that a former prime minister who is also the leader of the Muslim Ummah and facing death threats should receive,” Ali Muhammad Khan tweeted.

“Islamabad Police and Rangers men who were usually busy on the way were not seen today,” he further added.

This is a rather alarming development as Imran Khan reportedly faces death threats. Ahead of the no-confidence motion, the then Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that his life is in danger. He also said the he is aware of a conspiracy to assassinate him since August 2021.

PTI leader Faisal Vawda too claimed that PM Imran Khan’s life is in danger and a plan was being made to take his life. Furthermore, former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Pakistan’s security agencies confirmed a plan to assassinate Imran Khan. As a result, he said the government decided to increase Imran Khan’s security.

This was ofcourse before the PML-N government came into power. To clarify, the incumbent government authorizes security postings. However, it is also required to provide proper security to former prime ministers.

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An alarming situation

The revelations of negligible security for Imran Khan have alarmed the public. Netizens are demanding foolproof security for Imran Khan. They claim the incumbent government should provide proper security for the former prime minister as per the protocols.

“Once again I am requesting all Pakistani security agencies to provide Imran Khan foolproof security. This is every Pakistanis demand,” Mir Mohammad Ali Khan tweeted.

Meanwhile, former Pakistani diplomat Zafar Hilaly too voiced similar concerns regarding Imran Khan’s security.

“I hear Imran Khan has negligible security in Bani Gala. That is how Benazir Bhutto was in Karachi in Sept-Dec 2007. I told her that and that I felt scared to be with her. She used to laugh and say ‘Don’t worry we will look after you’. Government MUST protect Imran Khan. Absolutely must,” Zafar Hilaly tweeted.

Interestingly, former Energy Minister Hammad Azhar claimed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif posted as many as 3,200 security personnel at different camp offices and residences of his. Whereas, Imran Khan had only 12 security guards.