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Thursday, May 23, 2024

French teacher beheaded after sharing caricatures insulting to Islam

French President Emmanuel Macron says terrorists would not win and will not divide the country. 

An anti-terrorism investigation is underway in Paris, France, after a middle school teacher was fatally stabbed by a man who reportedly chanted a religious slogan while assaulting him. The incident occurred in Conflans Saint-Honorine at around 5pm local time on Friday. The knife-wielding suspected attacker was shot dead by police.

According to local reports, the teacher was recently the subject of complaints from parents after he showed caricatures deemed insulting to Islam to students during class, and investigators are looking into the incident as one potential motive for the France attack.

Visiting the scene on Friday night, French President Emmanuel Macron said that religious terrorists would not win and that they will not divide the country.

In a tweet, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer described the killing of a teacher as an attack on the French Republic.

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“Our unity and steadfastness are the only answers to the monstrosity of terrorism,” he added.

In the French National Assembly, deputies took a moment to stand and salute the memory” of the murdered teacher and to denounce the France attack.

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