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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Furious Shahid Afridi slams political parties for post-rain destruction in Karachi

The cricketer expressed fury on the prevailing abysmal condition of infrastructure in the city. He said those who were responsible to build and protect the city have failed in their job to do.

Cricketer-turned-philanthropist, Shahid Afridi lashed out at the provincial and federal government on the devastation by recent thundershowers in Karachi.

He said the governments have miserably failed to develop the city and enable it to cope up with the unusual bouts of rains. The cricketer expressed fury on the prevailing abysmal condition of infrastructure in the city. He said those who were responsible to build and protect the city have failed in their job to do.

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City has been ignored for ages – Shahid Afridi 

Shahid Afridi added that the city has been ignored since ages- none of the ruling parties ever owned the city. He said he has been watching the city being ruined since his childhood. He went on to say that it is shameful that the younger generation including his children is witnessing the same devastation of the city.

He mentioned the grave issues of Karachi city- improper waste disposal, urban flooding, dilapidated roads, dysfunctional sewage system in his tweets. He added that long power failures during and post-rain exacerbates the woes of the citizen.

Shahid Afridi argued that irrespective of political affiliations all the concerned stakeholders have failed to construct and support the largest revenue-generating city.

The cricketer’s thoughts

The cricketer asserted the governments-local, provincial, and federal have flunked to understand and cope with their administration and management of the city at par with the world’s developed metropolitan cities. Afridi argued that what is the fault of the people who have selected Karachi city to live?

He said people living here are paying full taxes to the government yet they are being treated miserably. He regretted that the administration does not fulfill any of its responsibility. Shahid Afridi argued that who will hold accountable the ones who turned the metropolitan city of Karachi into a garbage city.


The latest tirade of Shahid Afridi against the administration and government reflects the sentiments and woes of a score of citizens of Karachi who cried for help from the government. Houses flooded, roads swarmed with water-major roads in the city turned into rivers. The citizens of Karachi have been paying the cost of the criminal negligence of the government to fix the impending issues of the city that have turned into a behemoth over the decades.

Meanwhile, social media campaigns picked up against PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah, and other concerned stakeholders on Twitter. People lambast and swear at the minister of the provincial government but to no avail.

Shahid Afridi to fix public library in KP

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi has ramped up his social work following his retirement from the international cricket. He has been focusing on philanthropic activities across the country and even abroad particularly during the pandemic coronavirus.

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Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has announced his foundation will work to restore the public library in KP. He announced in a tweet on Tuesday.

The matter came to the attention of the former cricketer Shahid Afridi after an internet user posted the images of the dilapidated public library, which is in fact the only library in Tank District, KP. It’s being dumped with heaps of garbage.