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Sunday, February 5, 2023

FWO makes steady progress on Jaggran Hydropower Project-II

Once completed, the 48 MW JHPP-II will contribute significantly toward electrical power generation in AJ&K by harnessing the hydro energy in the corridor.

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Frontier Works Organization (FWO) sustains excellence as it diligently continues work on the Jaggran Hydropower Project-II (JHPP-II). Based on the timely updates provided by FWO, the organization will complete the project this year.

Important to note, the Jaggran Hydropower Project-I has been completed. Due to its success, JHPP-II was launched. The project is a run-off river type and is located in District Neelum. According to details, the Power Development Organization AJ&K financed the project. The total cost is Rs. 4956 million.

FWO undertook civil works of the project which includes a weir structure, De-sander, 5 Km tunnels, surge tank, vertical shafts, and a powerhouse.

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According to the latest updates, FWO has made remarkable progress on flushing section works, grouting gallery works, desander drilling, and rock bolting. While connecting tunnel works are underway, FWO completed the adit tunnel excavation, and also the initial tunnel support works.

Furthermore, FWO also made major breakthrough in the construction of the powerhouse. The video shared by FWO shows its workers putting in efforts with full zeal. Interestingly, FWO employed a force of 460 persons for JHPP-II.

Once completed, the 48 MW Jaggran Hydropower Project-II will contribute significantly toward electrical power generation in AJ&K by harnessing the hydro energy in the corridor. As a result, it will boost macro-economic benefits relating to employment, education, tourism, etc. Furthermore, the project will also contribute 162.24 GWh of energy to the National Grid annually.

FWO’s important role

Ever since its creation in 1966, FWO has played a commendable role. During the last 56 years, FWO progressed leaps and bounds becoming hence one of the largest civil engineering firms of Pakistan, contributing immensely in nation-building.

Moreover, FWO is a testament to the strong friendship between China and Pakistan. In fact, FWO was created after Pakistan and China signed an agreement to construct the Karakoram Highway.

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As a result, FWO at times collaborates with Chinese companies over development projects. For instance, the Diamer-Basha Dam. This is a joint Venture of FWO with a Chinese Company, Power China. The project includes the construction of a diversion system, main dam, an access bridge, and a 21 MW Tangir Hydropower Project.