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Thursday, February 15, 2024

FWO to receive Rs 182 billion for Balochistan’s development

To improve the living standard of local people in Balochistan, the government announced Rs 600 billion for Southern Balochistan Project. However, for the efficient implementation of the project, the Balochistan government will award Rs 182 billion to FWO for construction of roads and dams.

Balochistan announces plan to release Rs 182 billion to Frontier Works Organization (FWO) for road and dam projects. This will speed up the development of the province.

FWO will receive the amount as part of the Southern Balochistan Project (SBP). To clarify, last year, the PTI government announced that it would spend Rs600 billion on development projects of nine districts of Southern Balochistan during the next three years to improve the living standard of local people.

Out of the total, the federal government will provide Rs540 billion, while the Balochistan government will pay the rest. As per the SBP, the government will construct roads for connectivity and provide electricity to the people. Similarly, the government will build 16 new dams which will irrigate about 150,000 acres of land. Since Balochistan relies on agriculture as a source of income, people need water for which dams will be built.

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Therefore, for the efficient implementation of the project, the Balochistan government will award Rs 182 billion to FWO. Under the plan, FWO will construct various roads and dams in Awaran and Panjgur districts.

FWO speeds up construction

Important to note, FWO is often tasked with important mega infrastructure projects due to the organization’s timely and efficient implementation.

Earlier, the organization speeded up work on the Timergara-Khar-Mamad Gat Road. The Rs 7 billion project is set to be completed by June 2022 as planned by the government.

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As per recent updates, the asphalt work on the road is currently underway, signaling the final stages of construction. Moreover, according to the Project Officer, FWO is working on the project around the clock.

As an important part of Pakistan’s Central Trade Corridor (CTC), the 71.197 km road TKMG Road will link Mohmand, Bajaur, and Dir subsequently. The road will also help improve economic and development prospects in Bajaur.

Moreover, under the project, there will be a total of 7 bridges, and 156 culverts with a road construction cost amounting to Rs. 7bn.