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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Gandapur’s sexist remarks against Maryam Nawaz leaves Twitter divided

Ali Amin Gandapur recently came under fire for making inappropriate statements against Maryam Nawaz Sharif. According to Twitteratis, political leaders should not use such foul language for anyone, even the opposition, as it sets a bad precedent for Pakistan's politics. However, some people have appreciated Gandapur for calling out Maryam Nawaz.

In his recent speech, PTI leader Ali Amin Khan Gandapur slammed Maryam Nawaz by making sexist remarks against her.

During the speech, Gandapur called Maryam Nawaz a “Dakoo Rani.” While quoting Maryam Nawaz’s previous statements, Gandapur claimed that he knew stories about her that would get her slapped.

He also accused her of getting plastic surgery by misusing the population’s money. Furthermore, Gandapur threatened Maryam Nawaz that he would reveal her true face.

“You [Maryam] have spent Rs80 million [tax payers] money on surgery. I will unmask your real face before the public by removing [cosmetic surgery],” Gandapur said while resorting to sexist remarks.

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Gandapur’s crass statements against Maryam Nawaz did not go unnoticed and caused Twitter to break into an argument.

Some Twitteratis condemned Gandapur’s behavior and stated that public representatives should not use such language. According to them, personally attacking opposition is a trend by PTI. One Twitter user even recalled PM Khan’s inappropriate words for Maryam Nawaz’s son.

“Firstly Oxford-educated selected PM Imran Khan used foul language against Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s son Junaid Safdar and now Ali Amin Khan has demonstrated his dirty and lousy Azad Kashmir,” tweeted one user, “Curse on such dirty training.”

PTI is getting accused of misogyny and objectification of women due to Gandapur’s inappropriate statements for Maryam Nawaz.


Support for Gandapur?

On the other hand, there are users who are lauding Gandapur for calling out Maryam Nawaz. According to them, Gandapur is stating facts because leaders from PML-N have a history of being involved in corruption cases. There are charges against them for misusing the public’s money for their own personal use.

Recently, Maryam Nawaz received backlash for wearing shoes costing 1 lac rupees during her Kashmir rally. Her lavish lifestyle creates speculations about her sources of income, stirring debate around the allegations of looting public money and corruption

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Therefore, the netizens think that holding Maryam Nawaz accountable is not inappropriate.

Some even retorted that this is a case of “tit-for-tat” as Maryam Nawaz herself uses degrading terms for others.

While cursing Maryam Nawaz, Twitter users also defended Gandapur’s “slapping statement” stating that he was quoting her words and did not say that he himself would slap her.