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Friday, May 24, 2024

Gaurav Srivastava Scandal: Former US General, Think Tank Among Victims of Fraud

Srivastava pretended to be a CIA operative and scammed and deceived many, including a former US general and Atlantic Council.

The American think tank, the Atlantic Council, is facing extensive scrutiny following the revelation that Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, one of its major donors, is allegedly involved in large-scale scams. These include the fraudulent use of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) identity to exploit international businessmen.

Gaurav Srivastava, an Indian businessman residing in the United States, stands accused of orchestrating international scams. He purportedly posed as an undercover CIA operative to deceive businessmen globally. The Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Foundation, an alleged non-profit NGO associated with Srivastava, sponsored the Atlantic Council’s 2022 Global Food Security Forum with a donation exceeding $1 million.

Atlantic Council’s Silence

Insiders within the Atlantic Council have disclosed that there are concerns within the think-tank regarding the startling revelations brought to light by the Project Brazen investigation into Gaurav Srivastava. The investigation, conducted by esteemed journalists Bradley Hope and Soobin Kim, uncovered that Srivastava posed as a CIA operative to deceptively gain control over the assets of a Dutch trader.

Assuring the trader of assistance through his alleged “CIA” connections, Srivastava claimed to be a “non-official cover” or NOC (pronounced “knock”) for the CIA, operating at a senior level among 30 NOCs worldwide.

Srivastava presented a questionable proposal: if the trader made him a business partner by transferring 50% of the company’s shares to a Delaware-incorporated entity controlled by Srivastava and structured in the US, the trader would quietly be excused from future sanctions on Russia because he would be given a special license to continue trading in accordance with the US Treasury’s desire to keep oil flowing.

This exemption was promised under the guise of being part of a state-approved network for collecting intelligence on behalf of the US. Srivastava insisted that the transfer must be facilitated through the US law firm Baker & Hostetler.

As suspicions grew, Srivastava issued threats to the Dutch trader and his family when the con began to unravel. The trader, upon discovering that Srivastava, originally from India, was a fraud, refused to transfer shares to him.

Sources within the Atlantic Council confirmed that the think tank is aware of the damning investigation conducted by the Project Brazen reporters into Srivastava’s fraudulent activities and is currently investigating the matter.

Atlantic Council President Fred Kempe, who publicly acknowledged Srivastava’s generous donation, has declined to respond to inquiries about the think tank’s connection with the accused fraudster. Questions surrounding the council’s due diligence on Srivastava and the source of funds remain unanswered, raising concerns about the council’s oversight.

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Amid escalating suspicions, Srivastava allegedly issued threats to a Dutch trader and family members after his fraudulent activities unraveled. Doubts also arise concerning Srivastava’s claim of being the Chairman of the Unity Resources Group (URG), a private military company operating in high-risk regions.

Gaurav Srivastava‘s attempts to manipulate online platforms, notably Tumblr, by backdating posts and making false copyright claims to remove exposés have attracted increased media interest. The international fraud orchestrated by Srivastava is gaining attention from various quarters.

Tumblr’s Response

Microblogging platform Tumblr has confirmed the removal of accounts and posts linked to Srivastava, citing violations of community guidelines. The Lumen Database reveals complaints invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against Google, alleging copyright violations in exposing Srivastava’s fraudulent activities.

Automattic, the parent company of Tumblr, issued a statement confirming their commitment to protecting users from fraudulent takedown notices. The company emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for abusing the DMCA on their platform and stated that blogs associated with Gaurav Srivastava were removed for violating community guidelines.

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