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Monday, May 20, 2024

Gaza man makes heartfelt appeal to PM Imran Khan for daughter’s treatment

A Palestinian father requests Pakistan's PM Khan to help him get his daughter treated for a rare disease. The man is unable to get treatment for his daughter as it is not available in Gaza. However, there is a hospital in Pakistan that is ready to provide the treatment.

A man in Gaza has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for the treatment of his 15-year-old daughter’s rare disease, reported Arab News Pakistan.

In an interview, Youssef Hassan Assad talked about the rare disease arthrogryposis multiplex congenital that causes joint contractures. He said his daughter named, Wala Youssef Hassan, is 15-years-old and is suffering from the disease since birth.

She was unable to get the treatment because it is available in an Israeli Hospital. Due to security reasons, Israel did not allow them to get the treatment. When asked about her current treatment, Assad said that she is not getting any treatment right now as in Gaza there is no treatment available for this disease currently.

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He added that due to her rare disease she is unable to hold anything or move her hands. She needs the help of someone to stand even. So far, she has undergone only one operation but could not get further treatment due to the lack of facilities in Gaza.

Asking PM Khan for help

Assad has appealed to PM Imran Khan to facilitate him and help him get treatment for his daughter. He says there is a hospital in Pakistan that is ready to provide her the treatment after they receive the documents of her case. They said they will be able to do the treatment but it is costly. Therefore, he has appealed to PM Imran Khan to sponsor the treatment for his daughter.

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The father of the girl said that Pakistan is a close country to Palestine and the Palestinian people. It is also a Muslim country and the people of Pakistan love Palestinians. Since the treatment is available in Pakistan hence he is appealing to the Pakistani government and PM Imran Khan to get the treatment for his daughter.

He requests PM Imran Khan to help his daughter get treated in this situation. Assad says his daughter is a child and it is cruel to keep her in such a painful situation.