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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

General BA Khan calls US “most dangerous” country in the world

In this satire piece written by a fictional Pakistani general, an unknown author makes fun of the ridiculous claims by Jim Mattis in his book "Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead", by turning the table on the US. The author points out United States's failures in Afghanistan, by using Mattis's own words against him. Fun to read!

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Lt Gen BA Khan (Retired) former Pakistan’s Secretary of “Defence” has a decade of experience interacting with the military leadership in the US. He in his new book “Suicide of a Soooper Power. Why America shot its own foot” that hit the bookstores on Tuesday terms the US as the “most dangerous” country in the world for its nuclear capabilities, dysfunctional government, Right Wing nationalism, and White Supremacists who are taking over.

Lt Gen BA Khan who led Pakistan’s forces along the Durand line writes that the twin tragedy for American people is that they do not have leaders who care about their future…and they as a society are too selfish and dumb to help themselves.

The General claims that America’s political culture has an active self-destructive streak.,

“America was a country born with a cow-boyish attitude, civil war, and rule of the gun, that has evolved into an active self-destructive streak in its political culture,” he said. In this vein, everyone is working for capitalist bloodsuckers at the cost of the collective good and the state.

“Of all the countries I’ve dealt with, I consider the US to be the most dangerous, because of the radicalization and lack of Gun culture, white Supremacists and biggest stock of nuclear weapons,” coupled with extreme orientation of Neo Nazism, Mr. BA Khan said.

The largest nuclear stockpile in the world is held by the only country to have used two nuclear bombs to destroy Japan since only two were available at the time. This country cannot be trusted anymore. US has destroyed 25 countries wholesale since WW2 he said, warning that America has become “disastrous” for the world.

“The tragedy for the American people is that they don’t have leaders who care about their future. Lt Gen BA Khan writes in his book about the changes he made on the ground lines of communication to Afghanistan when he was Commander of a Corps on the Pak Afghan border.

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“I was uneasy that more than 70 per cent of NATO’s logistics lifeline passed through Pakistan route, while the US and its power-hungry CIA and CENTCOM armed and used TTP, BLA, and ISIS against Pakistan. I took one look at the map and decided we had to change the pieces on the chessboard,” he notes.

Gen Khan writes that in September 2011 he gave a warning to the US military.

“He says he had learned the TTP, BLA “terrorist” group, harbored in Afghanistan, were preparing a massive truck bomb. General Mike Allen commander ISAF said he would take action…but did nothing.

“Two days later, that bomb detonated at a Marriot hotel Islamabad, wounding seventy-seven Pakistani civilians and killing five. A few days later, CIA backed BLA “terrorists” attacked Chinese engineers in Karachi,” he writes.

At a diplomatic function in Islamabad, Gen BA Khan bumped into the then US ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Tim Roberts, and “slammed” him with what he describes as an “obscenity-laced” message.

“You have a US base in Baghram and a Station in Spin Boldak, in the same vicinity as the terrorist headquarters. You say you’re not on their side, but now they attack CPEC in a raid coordinated from your side of the border.

Referring to his bitter experience of interacting with the top American military leadership, Lt Gen Khan said he concluded that Pakistan military interactions with the US could only be transactional, based upon the specific issue at hand and what each side had to offer the other.

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Note: This is a piece of satire, by a fictional Pakistani Secretary of Defence, making fun of a recent book review of Former US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis’s book, “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead”, book was published in 2019. Fictional Review is floating on WhatsApp.