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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Generals who show mercy to traitors harm the state: Dr. Shahid Qureshi

A Pakistani writer, Dr.Shahid Qureshi, in his article has commented that Generals who show mercy to 'traitors' damage the state.

A Pakistani writer, Dr.Shahid Qureshi, in his article has commented that Generals who show mercy to the traitors damages the state. He shared a link to his old article on Friday that raised questions on the role of Pakistan Army, the government, and the opposition parties in the ongoing political upheaval in Pakistan.

The article originally appeared in the publication The London Post on 13th June 2020, however, the author re-shared the article on his Twitter account deeming its relevance to the unfolding political scenario in Pakistan.


The writer seems to question the role of the army in the current political setup. “A general who shows mercy to the traitors and collaborators end up losing the army and state no matter what. One general (Raheel Sharif former army chief) showed mercy to ‘Dawn leaks Queen’ Maryam Nawaz (daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif RAW asset) instead of arresting her under the Army Act and breach of the official secret act. The current army chief General (Qamar Bajwa) is calling Shabaz Sharif (former chief minister of Punjab) who is reportedly responsible for harboring RAW agents in his sugar mills and factories after he was reportedly diagnosed with ‘Corona Covid19’,” wrote the author.

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He mentioned the role of political parties in destabilizing the state institutions over the years. But also highlighted the silence and reluctance of the Army in taking strict actions against the politicians who several times turned out to be a security risk for the country. He quoted examples of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader, Maryam Nawaz and her apparent role in the Dawn Leaks, and the alleged role of another PML-N leader Shahbaz Sharif who was accused of harboring RAW agents in his sugar mill.

He likened the current political setup of Pakistan to the failing Ottoman Empire. The author in his article asserted that Pakistan has all the hallmarks- treating with mercy the plunderers, looters, criminals, and traitors that caused the downfall and disintegration of the vast Ottoman Empire.

“One of the reasons of the defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire was it became “too merciful” to the traitors and collaborators of western colonialists openly conspiring against the state,” wrote the author.

“When we look at the current Pakistani situation it has all the hallmarks of disappearing ‘Ottoman empire’ when the whole world joined to destroy it. They started with recruiting with local traitors and collaborators,” the writer added further.

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