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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Geo News producer abducted

Two police vans and double-cabin vehicles arrived at Zubair Anjum's house near the Model Colony intersection and took him away.

One of Pakistan’s major media houses, Geo News, has claimed that its producer Zubair Anjum was picked up by police officers from his residence in Karachi’s Model Colony area.

According to the details, two police vans and double-cabin vehicles arrived at Zubair Anjum’s house near the Model Colony intersection and took him away. The reason behind the arrest remains unclear.

The producer’s brother, Wajahat Anjum, said police and plainclothes personnel entered their home wielding firearms, while family members were also manhandled during the episode.

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“The police did not give any reason for the arrest. They did not even let him wear his slippers. We repeatedly kept asking what the matter was,” Zubair Anjum’s brother said.

The abduction of Zubair Anjum is being condemned on social media by members of the media and law fraternity as they express concern over his disappearance.

Pakistan has long grappled with a distressing issue that continues to undermine press freedom and the safety of journalists – the alarming disappearance of journalists.

Over the years, numerous journalists have gone missing under mysterious circumstances, raising serious concerns about their well-being and the broader implications for freedom of the press.

In Pakistan, it is unfortunate that journalists are disappearing without a trace. Unidentified individuals abduct or take them into custody, leaving their families, colleagues, and the entire journalistic community in anguish and uncertainty.

These disappearances inflict immense suffering on the victims and their loved ones and cast a chilling effect on media professionals, discouraging them from carrying out their work fearlessly.

In the wake of widespread unrest since the May 9 arrest of former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan, two journalists were allegedly abducted, with BOL News president and anchor Sami Abraham released by captors after one week and journalist and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan remaining missing for almost a month.

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The issue of journalist disappearances in Pakistan has garnered international attention and concern. Organizations such as the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have consistently highlighted the perilous situation faced by journalists in the country.