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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

“Give me three months before you criticize the government,” PM Khan asks media

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked media to give his government at least three months before criticizing it. PM Khan said this to the journalists in a meeting in Islamabad on Friday. He told media persons that none of his cabinet members was permanent; every member would retain his or her position on the basis of performance.

In last few days, PM Khan’s government was being criticized for not delivering up to the mark. The use of the helicopter by the PM, transfer of a DPO and alleged involvement of the CM Punjab in this matter and use of private jet by Mr. Usman Buzdar triggered media debates against the government and promise it had made.

The poor in Pakistan have always been neglected and a Western-style democracy where every citizen matters remained only a daydream.

Moreover, PM Khan reportedly told journalists that he had directed the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau to continue an indiscriminate accountability process in the country.

PM Khan’s Agenda

PM Khan addressed the nation for the first time on the eve of Sunday, August 19th. The premier talked about the ideological basis of the state, his economic and other policies to counter the existing challenges. Firstly, Prime Minister Khan talked about two sorts of communities in Pakistan; masses and the ruling elite. “I want to speak about how the rich and powerful live in this country,” he said. “The prime minister has 524 servants and 80 cars.

The prime minister, which is me, also has 33 bulletproof cars. The prime ministers all have helicopters and airplanes to fly them. We have massive governor houses and every conceivable luxury.” PM Khan said. Then, PM clarified that he would use only cars and would live in a three-bedroom house with only two servants. The PM house would also be converted into a university.

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Secondly, PM Khan talked about the taxation and urged the nation to help him by giving due taxes. “We will enhance the capacities of FBR, FIA, NAB, and Police to make their independent and powerful,” he added.  Khan also stressed improving health and education facilities for the poor. Mr. PM also outlined his agenda regarding civil services reforms, eradication of corruption, and upgradation of environment and youth package.

Pessimism and Hopes

The poor in Pakistan have always been neglected and a Western-style democracy where every citizen matters remained only a daydream. Imran Khan, who got an education in top western institutions, has always been the staunch supporter of a western-style democracy where he believes the ideals of Islam are being practiced. There is no denying that PM Khan in his first speech outlined a brilliant agenda, the next step is to turn it into reality.

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Analysts argue that since Pakistanis have always been deceived by politicians whom they vote for, it is now the responsibility of PM Khan to gain the confidence of his nation by delivering and improving their living standards. As a matter of fact, PM Khan needs time to turn his words into actions. He is dealing with a failing economy of Pakistan. There can’t be a change over a night. However, PM Khan has promised to show a change just in three months, that how a country must be run.