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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Give us Brexit detail or risk losing support, Tory moderates tell May

Backbenchers call for prime minister to set out her stance on the single market and customs union and stand up to hardline ‘fall-off-a-cliff’ Brexiters

Theresa May is being urged to set out her plans for Brexit in more detail or risk losing the backing of moderate Conservatives. No 10 reiterated plans for May to set out her negotiating aims after the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, Britain’s top diplomat in Brussels, intensified fears that the government is ill-prepared for the complex talks due to begin by the end of March. But backbench MPs say they would like to see something more than a broad-brush statement about prioritising immigration control, or aiming at the “best deal for Britain”, if they are to support the government’s stance. “People want detail. People need detail. If the prime minister does what she did as home secretary and not say much then she’s going to really find it difficult to keep the party with her,” said Bath MP Ben Howlett, who backed May’s leadership campaign.

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