#GoBackModi becomes top Twitter trend in India


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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Tamil Nadu–South Indian state–to inaugurate several projects in a bid to strengthen his election campaign, ‘GO BACK MODI’ became the top trend on Indian Twitter space.

People in Tamil Nadu are protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and are demanding him to return back. The anger and frustration against Prime Minister Narendra Modi are growing in India.

The recent Indo-Pak military fiasco has fuelled anger in the people of Tamil Nadu who say they are not ready to buy the gimmicks of Narendra Modi. The people of Tamil Nadu maintained that BJP will never be able to make a road into the politics of the state.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is vehemently leading his election campaign to cement his premiership for the next five years. It is reported that the workers of Congress were arrested who protested with a black flag ahead of the arrival of Narendra Modi.

The popularity of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been immensely toppled down after Pakistan walking a high moral ground announced to release the Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was in the captivity after Pakistan shoot down its two Indian jets that intruded into the airspace of Pakistan on Wednesday morning.

Wing Commander Varthaman hails from Chennai, the capital state of Tamil Nadu. People in the state have been heard criticizing Narendra Modi for uselessly politicizing the armed forces. The people of the state were irked by the blatant silence of Prime Minister Narendra over the Abhinandan’s captivity in Pakistan.

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One Twitter user wrote, “When hero Wing Commander Abhinandan is captive in Pakistan, India’s Prime Campaigner is busy in election preparations.”

Meanwhile, this is how Indian Twitter reacted