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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Good News for Maryam: Sanam Javed Withdraws from Election after Another Arrest

PTI activist Sanam Javed forced to withdraw as Maryam Nawaz's opponent in the NA-119 constituency for the upcoming elections.

The face-off between PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz and PTI activist Sanam Javed on NA-119 was much anticipated. The political climate turned intense as Javed faced mounting legal challenges and, eventually, announced her withdrawal from the upcoming general elections.

Javed’s decision came amid her arrest in another terrorism case. The PTI social media star had been seen as a formidable opponent to PML-N Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz in Lahore, a stronghold for the PML-N party.

Javed’s sister, Falak Javed, confirmed her withdrawal from the NA-119 constituency race, throwing her support behind an independent candidate, Mian Shahzad Farooq. Falak expressed optimism that Farooq’s campaign would be considered an extension of her sister’s efforts, and she hoped to see Sanam Javed in the National Assembly soon.

The legal proceedings against Javed unfolded during Monday’s hearing, where her legal team highlighted her six-month detention in a terror case. The allegations included incitement to commit arson after Imran Khan’s arrest, contributing to a law-and-order situation, assaulting police officers, and multiple instances of attacks on law enforcement.

The timing of Javed’s withdrawal, just days before the elections, shows the electoral dynamics in the country. Javed, known for her significant social media following, faced accusations related to various acts of violence and terrorism, contributing to a challenging situation for her party.

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The Supreme Court’s decision to allow Javed to contest against Maryam Nawaz had earlier posed challenges for PML-N. Maryam Nawaz continued her robust election campaign in the constituency, and Javed’s withdrawal added a new dimension to the unfolding electoral scenario.

Javed’s arrest in another case after receiving bail in the initial terrorism case highlighted the complexity of her legal troubles. The new cases against the activist range from arson to involvement in violence during a police operation, reflecting a series of legal challenges faced by the PTI activist.

PTI’s election campaign faces sabotage as Chariman PTI Imran Khan and many top leaders remain in jail. Security forces and targeting the party workers and supporters, and the party has lost its symbol, the bat. Moreover, websites of PTI and any content about PTI or Imran Khan has been banned.