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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Google empowers Pakistan with AI education and scholarships

Recognizing the growing significance of AI in today's technological landscape, Google has introduced the Google AI Essentials course.

In a bid to foster digital literacy and empower Pakistan’s workforce, Google has announced a series of initiatives aimed at equipping individuals with essential skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and supporting career development through scholarships and specialized programs.

Expanding Access to AI Education

Recognizing the growing significance of AI in today’s technological landscape, Google has introduced the Google AI Essentials course. This self-paced, online course is designed for beginners and requires no prior experience with AI. Taught by AI experts at Google, the course provides learners with fundamental AI skills to enhance productivity and offers hands-on experience with various AI tools. Topics covered include brainstorming ideas, accelerating daily tasks, writing effective prompts, and identifying AI biases responsibly. Google AI Essentials is available on Coursera in English, ensuring accessibility to a wide audience across Pakistan.

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Empowering Through Scholarships

In a landmark commitment, Google pledges to provide 45,000 scholarships for Google Career Certificates in 2024. These certificates prepare individuals for entry-level positions in high-demand fields such as Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing. With an emphasis on integrating AI into workplace scenarios, the certificates offer practical experience and insights into professional applications of AI technology. The impact of these certificates is evident, with 80% of graduates reporting career advancements, according to surveys conducted in partnership with local organizations.

Supporting Freelancers and Women in the Workforce

Recognizing the pivotal role of freelancers in Pakistan’s economy, Google has partnered with the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA) to address soft skills challenges faced by freelance professionals. Through tailored programs focusing on personal branding and communication skills, up to 50,000 freelancers stand to benefit from Google’s expertise and support.

In tandem with efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion, Google, alongside long-term partner Tech Valley, has launched the Career Kamyabi program. Aimed at empowering women in the workforce, this initiative advocates for equal employment opportunities and professional development. With the backing of over 50 leading employers in Pakistan, the program seeks to create economic opportunities for women by facilitating connections with potential employers.

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Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Country Director for Pakistan, highlights the significance of these initiatives in shaping Pakistan’s digital future. With a commitment to fostering a culture of learning, empowerment, and inclusivity, Google aims to establish a strong presence in Pakistan and nurture the next generation of digital talent.