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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Google introduces AI-powered Gemini features in Gmail

Google is set to enhance the Gmail experience with Gemini, a suite of AI-powered tools designed to streamline email management.

Google is set to enhance the Gmail experience with the introduction of Gemini, a suite of AI-powered tools designed to streamline email management. These tools, available on both web and mobile platforms, leverage advanced AI models to help users stay on top of their inboxes more efficiently. However, these new features will only be accessible to paid subscribers of specific Google Workspace AI plans.

Gemini on the Web 

The most significant update comes in the form of a new Gemini side panel for the web version of Gmail. Powered by the advanced Gemini 1.5 Pro model, this side panel brings a host of capabilities aimed at simplifying email tasks. Users can now:

  • Summarize Email Threads: Gemini can condense lengthy email conversations into concise summaries, making it easier to catch up on discussions without reading through every message.
  • Suggest Responses: The AI can suggest appropriate responses based on the content of the email thread, saving time and ensuring more consistent communication.
  • Draft New Emails: Gemini can assist in drafting new emails, providing a helpful starting point and ensuring important points are covered.
  • Answer Questions: Users can ask freeform questions to Gemini, such as “What was the PO number for my agency?” or “When is the next team meeting?” The AI can retrieve relevant information from emails or Google Drive files.

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Google emphasizes that Gemini’s proactive prompts can help users get started, but the tool also supports more complex queries, providing a versatile assistant right within Gmail.

Gemini on Mobile: Summarize Email Threads on the Go

For users who manage their emails on the go, Google has introduced the “Summarize” feature in the Gmail mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. This feature, designed to handle the challenge of reading through long email threads on smaller screens, allows users to quickly understand the key points of a conversation.

  • How It Works: When viewing an email thread with more than two responses, a “Summarize this email” button will appear beneath the subject line. Tapping this button opens a Gemini sheet from the bottom of the screen, presenting a summary of the thread.
  • User Feedback: Users can rate the accuracy of the summary with a thumbs up or thumbs down, helping to improve the AI’s performance over time.

This feature is particularly useful for busy professionals who need to triage their inboxes efficiently while away from their desks.

Integration with Other Google Workspace Apps

Gemini’s capabilities extend beyond Gmail, integrating seamlessly with other Google Workspace applications like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. For instance, if a user needs specific information from a Google Doc to respond to an email, they can simply ask Gemini to retrieve it. This integration ensures that users can access and utilize information across various Workspace apps without leaving Gmail.

Availability and Access

The rollout of these features begins today, with full availability expected within the next few weeks. However, access to Gemini’s advanced tools is limited to certain subscribers:

  • Eligible Plans: Users must be subscribed to either the Gemini Business and Enterprise add-on, the Gemini Education and Education Premium add-on, or the Google One AI Premium plan.
  • Activation: Admins need to enable smart features and personalization in the Admin console to allow users to utilize Gemini. End users can access Gemini by clicking on the “Ask Gemini” star button on the web or the “summarize this email” chip in the mobile app.

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While these AI tools offer significant benefits, users are advised to exercise caution. AI-generated content can sometimes include errors or “hallucinations,” so it’s important to double-check any important information or emails drafted with Gemini’s assistance before sending them.